Otherworld Space Opera – New Collection.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Some will say that Otherworld clothing are “unwearable” or difficult to incorporate in casual outfits, but if you simply take one piece and build/layer upon it I’m sure you can find yourself pleasantly surprised. Okay, perhaps not the Lizard Body suit but I hope you catch my drift.

I like to admire the decor items, but being a non-decorator I stay away from the feature as much as possible. If I was ever going to decorate another room, I’d definitely take a few tips from Otherworld. I love both of the beautiful galactic flowers as they’re just simply gorgeous. Our little extraterrestrial friends are adorable in their goo and fluff. The Medusa fascinator is quite a spectacle. We haven’t seen such unique headpieces before.

How fitting that today scientists think they may have discovered that one of Jupiter’s moons has liquid water underneath its surface, which means it could essentially support some basis of life. I don’t know the specifics, but it was something I remember watching on the news.



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