New Stardesign Feature: Jewellery

Oh how exciting! I am certain that the majority of members enjoy the designing aspect of Stardoll. It’s a pleasure wearing another’s or your own creations on your doll, as it gives you almost a degree of freedom from the usual staff-made items within Starplaza.

We have already seen most of the designs within Starplaza before, but it’s not as if we can create our own patterns. It’s choosing colours, material and adding charms. Five charms adds 1 Stardollar to the overall price. My favourite items are the plain stud and collection of hairbands. Sometimes when you wear an outfit you just need to add some finer details and the earrings within Starplaza are very outlandish, if not quite expensive for a piece of jewellery.

The jewellery ranges from Glasses (one is tinted), hairbands, tiaras, headbands, earrings, chokers and necklaces. The prices aren’t too bad – unless you decide to get creative and add a handful of charms. It ranges from 3-5 Stardollars and as mentioned before, 1 Stardollar per 5 charms.

Fit for a princess



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6 responses to “New Stardesign Feature: Jewellery

  1. aliceizzy454

    I don’t like the feature very much. It’s not very much like the normal stardesign, you can use multiple colours, add shapes not those charms that aren’t even that great. I think it’s 5 to a stardollar though.

    I have my Christmas exams coming up in a few weeks so less computer, more study. I had alot of project work to do for my exams but I’ve finished that so now it’s just the written exams to go 😦
    My major exam, my junior cert isn’t until the end of next year though. Yay, can’t wait 😛

  2. I totally agree Lel, such a beautiful collection and very stilish and unique, I can’t seem to find th eheadbands though ):

  3. Sabrina

    I absolutely love it. I’ve been waiting for something like this, to bad I’m not superstar to purchase it. But I love buying new accessories for my Medoll, but Sunny Bunny has been totally lacking recently. I’m cool with this, although I think Stardoll should get another floor of Sunny Bunny.

  4. Awesome article, but it’s actually 5 charms for a stardollar. Even better value!

  5. Has anybody noticed that if you make something like a necklace, you can put something on the head (above the chin basicly)

  6. @Danielle12d

    Thanks for correcting my silly mistake, I’ll need to re-edit the post x)

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