Unpublished Make-up Looks.

It’s certainly going to be a few weeks until I start posting tutorials again. This is mainly due to school, but I hope to post up an old deleted tutorial or something of the sort in the next week. I did this before last year, in which I posted pictures of first drafts and discarded tutorial concepts and I thought we’d do it again.

I get a lot of questions about programmes, recorders, techniques and processes. Personally I believe that the key ingredient to creating tutorials is that of the make-up itself – not how many jazzy effects you can jam into a one minute frame. It’s the same with blogging, for me. You focus on the content rather than advertising or the appearance. If you advertise far too much your content may not be able to back up the buzz.

So here’s a little insight into it all.

It’s not so much unpublished, as I actually posted this on the Starblog. It was actually supposed to be included in the Lolita tutorials – based on various Japanese fashion styles – however this lacks a certain make-up aspect to it. In real life you can really be adventurous with the Ganguro make-up, but in Stardoll we have quite a limited palette. Little touches like the white make-up on the tip of your nose are missing and therefore the main concept of the look suddenly disappears and become a frenzied accesorized mess.  If this look ever gets refined then it will be posted within a tutorial, but it’s just not quite there yet.

Many of you know of the wonderful creature that is the Giant Panda.

Cute, cuddly, chubby and just curiously adorable. I have expressed my infatuation with this creature on a very large-scale in numerous posts and it will never stop. I have received requests to create a tutorial due to this, however I pose the opposite view.

Someone (cannot remember who) asked me just to give them a brief outline of a Panda based make-up look as I said I wouldn’t create the tutorial. I did not see this taking long and so I accepted.

The main problem with this is that it’s far too simple for a tutorial. Anyone can apply black eye-shadow until their limit is over and stick on those Sunny Bunny ears, then say it’s a Panda Medoll. There is definitely no need for a tutorial of that kind. The Panda’s eyes are a classic look and it’s not something that I would want to mess with. It falls flat and there’s nothing to it. I wouldn’t add any sort of blending because I would want to stay true to the animal! Nah, I just don’t see it as a good basis for a tutorial. Certain make-up looks are not easily transferred into pixels and vice-versa. When thinking of various ideas of a tutorial it is important to take that into consideration.

I posted this look when I achieved the starpoint reward and went all neon crazy with my outfit. After I created this look out of an accident of mixing eye-shadows together, I realised it was a purple/pink combination of another look I had already posted called Ocean Breeze. A piece of advice I would like to give: Do not repeat yourself constantly through series of tutorials. It’s one thing to use the same technique – such as blending – but repeating a look with different colours over and over again is tiring. People can just look at the one tutorial and experiment with colours themselves without being shown. If you look at my first ever tutorials then you know what I mean. It’s all very drab, unoriginal and nothing new – just the same old one eye-shadow applied right to the brow.

I seen Emma Watson’s golden leaf make-up look in the newspaper after one of the premiers of the last HP movie.

I posted this on the blog, but I removed it because it certainly wasn’t good enough. As I said before, you can only do so much on Stardoll. Certain looks are just not meant to be recreated here. I tried working with what I call”split” liquid liner (Landscape tutorial), but the eyes I used weren’t the most promising. MissClaire1994x did an amazing job of recreating this and there wasn’t much point in me trying to post my inferior look.

I posted this here as well with the Emma Watson inspired look. I didn’t feel like this look fitted the bill and was a little on the predictable dull side. Using the colours black and white can found in a lot of Medolls around Stardoll, but when trying to find an alternative styling of the shadow I didn’t think this projected anything new.

These are early drafts of the recent Vampire tutorial. I suppose remakes are hard to create, how do you take something that you’ve done very badly before and try turn it into something of the same concept, but of a different standard? I’m not proud of them and they’re definitely not worthwhile, but I wanted to prove a point. Make-up looks do not appear out of a quick stroke and flick of mascara applicator. What you (may) seen in a four minute length video is a lot of preparation. One does not create a look, record and edit just like that. It takes quite a bit of redrafting to come up with the final product. The joy of spending three years in the Beauty Parlor is that you see the limitations with what you can do and experiment with what you already have. A look may not be perfect the first time round, but with the Parlor it is just really a matter of practising.

I hope, for all those who read this dull post, that you at least learned something insignificant from this.

Have a good morning folks!


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  1. Iceice20dice

    I love every single one of these looks! You’re very talented, keep at it 🙂 Also I was wondering if you plan on making any winter tutorials? Thanks 🙂

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