The Ultimate Motivator.

Fame, is what would appear, to be the ultimate motivator. I suppose more people would be happy with money, but it doesn’t appear in the equation when it comes down to Stardoll. Our tiny minuscule society/community is so much similar to the world we see today. As much as the Western society has tarnished off the old class system, in modern day Britain you see the fat cat bankers getting richer by the day and people such as the pensioners struggling to choose between food and heating. If we were ever to live in the world of Stardoll, would it be the same? Dismiss the fact that we pay for membership for a second or two.

We’ve seen in the newspapers, such as the long gone News of The World where “celebrities” and reality TV stars are flashing their thongs and knickers while hopping into a black cab, or those selling their stories of their affairs with Premier League footballers so they can “tell their own side of the story”. It takes two to tango – but it’s all about the pay cheque in the end. Their self respect has long gone. In a way we can relate to these stories on Stardoll. What about those Chat conversations that are captured and posted publicly for everyone to view that hold extensive information? Or that member who posted discriminating photos of themselves to boost their egos, and I quote, “for a laugh”?

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Money doesn’t quite exist on Stardoll. Not anyone I have heard of has exchanged a story or self-publicily exposed themselves in order to receive a batch of coins. There has been exchanges of “rares” and precious limited clothing in the past, but if you’re doing such things to yourself (without anyone being involved) then what are you looking for?

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Famewhore is an expression that is often used. It’s quite a crude term to use against someone, but in obvious circumstances it does make some sort of sense. I do not believe that everyone out there is searching for a piece of that golden delicious pie that is fame, but it’s not something you can ignore and it’s so evident in -perhaps – almost everything that we members create ourselves.

We can all admit that we like positive attention and feedback. Some people like this a bit too much and go searching for it in numerous ways that are unimaginable. On Stardoll I think it’s very easy to draw any source of attention when you have the right tools. Occasionally projects are created in order for that group/individual to draw an amount of attention from the Stardoll community – not because they wish to do some good or create something worthwhile.

The main problem I see with fame being a motivator, is that once you have it in the palm of your hands -metaphorically-  then where do you go from there? It’s not valued in real life. It isn’t something tangible in your hands. You cannot exchange this for prized goods in the real world. The benefits of fame and the rewards that it brings honestly do not seem that worthwhile.

Media projects have their benefits, but fame isn’t something you should look into one day owning – I personally believe. We see all the time new projects being started up and launch parties being announced every week and then suddenly after a big uproar it lingers in the background. What happened? Is passion that easily lost? This cannot be said for all the lost projects of Stardoll, but one can guess that many were disappointed with the fact that readers do not come pouring in the second you open those doors. What’s the point in spending two hours everyday running a project when no-one is there to say so many lovely things about yourself?

I find the benefits of having a project is meeting new people. It’s not everyday that you speak to someone 6,000 kilometers away within a click of a mouse. People who you may never have a chance to speak to in life are right at the doorstep of your Suite, who share your own interests and beliefs. I love that sense of unity we all hold in places like clubs and in blogs. We all might not agree on one subject, but we all appreciate the fact that we can relate to various universal things we go through in life – such as school – and we’re a thousand miles apart in different countries and within unsimilar cultures. When you’ve had a project for quite a while, it’s amazing to look back on your first attempts to start it up and how it’s grew and matured with you on your journey into adulthood or becoming a teenager. That’s what I love about blogs. There’s no instructions provided, writers write and people who pop along just read. Whether you stay or not, that’s your choice, but knowing that people have had a browse or a leaf through a paragraph is enough to keep, I think,  anyone happy.

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Obviously it is completely understandable that everyone wants a little recognition. However, we’re dealing with those members who want to be placed in those defacing Burn Books and want to be gossiped about in blogs. I doubt that being spoken about in such a manner is something to look up to. It’s not always projects people aspire to acclaim fame from, but also by faking deaths, hacking and other horrible incidences. It’s just terrible to think what lengths some people will truly go to in order to have the “elite” status and accumulating the aura of a well-known user. I’m sure we can find our Paris Hilton and Amy Child figures on Stardoll somehow. Projects are set up for a reason, but a hunger for fame is not a stable foundation.

None of my references are to specific people or projects on Stardoll. I do suggest for people not to read too much into things as I just take a general view upon Stardoll.

I also forgot to post about Naitsirhc_101’s new issue of her Lottery Magazine, which was released on Halloween. She was featured on the In The Spotlight page in July and it’s already her second issue! If you want a good read I highly recommend you have look.



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10 responses to “The Ultimate Motivator.

  1. LaserminLonnor

    I agree, people just can’t be happy with virtual trophies, they have to have “fame”. Whatever virtual fame is. You can’t get anything out of it. Would you get a sense of pride by being “famous”. No, so why, that is what I want to know.

  2. Clary

    I am motivated! Motivated to get a life and get off stardoll.

  3. @LaserminLonnor

    Exactly, it’s hard to define whatever virtual fame is. It’s glamorised everywhere we see and I guess we try to look for qualities on Stardoll that we can’t have in real life.

  4. @Clary

    Just because one plays games online does not mean they don’t have a “life”. I’m sure you’re a living and breathing human.

  5. @Clary

    Just because one plays games online does not necessarily mean they don’t have a “life”. I’m sure you’re a living and breathing human.
    Bye and good luck with whatever you choose to do in your new found life. It was nice knowing you 🙂

  6. LaserminLonnor

    I know. Why can’t people just stop wanting more. What are they going to do once they have achieved “fame”. It won’t translate to anything in the real world, I don’t think people realise that.

  7. Iceice20dice

    As human beings, we all have the right to want something. Even if it’s unrealistic. And stardoll “fame” just happends to be one of those things (for people who play stardoll, of course). Sure who doesn’t love being noticed or praised, I sure do, but, people tend to take it over the top. It’s like once you get that first job, you’re going to want to get promoted, which means more money. And the more money you have, you’re going to want more and more. Also about people who want “fame” not having a life, that’s not necessarily true. They just have too much time on their hands and got sucked in into the whole stardoll elite thing. Like I said we all like to be noticed and praised, but some just take it over the top. Some people (like me) have no facination with being popular on a game, but some, just find the idea amazing, since they probably aren’t very popular in real life. Anyways, I love these rant post, it gets me thinking 🙂

    Ps. That was way more then I intended to write. ^-^

  8. Clary

    It was nice knowing you to Lel! Many panda hugs for you =]

    Lol, I would never leave Stardoll, but in light of recent advents I am tempted.

  9. cannot tell.

    Hey ya’ll on stardoll I’m cutechihuahaua10 add me. I WAS ss but it ran out a few months ago. I really want to be royalty but ppl say its hard bc ppl try to hack u! ive been hacked many times. 😦

  10. Bri_xx

    Yeah I mean some people just don’t get it, all these people saying,” When I become superstar I’m gonna buy this and that” Well guess what? They never do, they always feel unfair and stuff. I know that and they hack and stuff. If they knew how hard it is like people wanting to buy this and people want to leave stupid comments. Ugh I’m getting sick just typing this!

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