New Killah Collection Released in Starplaza

Another Killah collection presents itself. Being honest here, I feel that the outfits and main clothing pieces are lacking something. The reason why RealBrands on Stardoll such as DKNY and Vivenne Tam succeeded and are still being sought after is due to the fact that outfits and also the individual pieces looked good as a whole. The jackets from Killah seem to be missing “something” or perhaps that is the beauty of it – its simplicity. Although, personally, I expect more from a RealBrand store. The standout for me has to be the Shirley Dress. It is perfect for layering and just as great on its own.

As much as I find the majority of the clothing deprived of that special sparkly RealBrand dust, I adore the accessories! It’s not everyday we see interesting yet wearable head-gear and bands being released in Starplaza. The Rose Headband and Hat Headpiece are just gorgeous. My single favourite piece in the entire collection is the Headphones. They are a great addition to something of a casual outfit, that bring some amount of life into it, and these just sit on your doll’s shoulders. Others that we have seen in the past tend to be chunky in size and a little out of date. I am not so interested in the shoes. They too are also in the “deprived” department for me.

RealBrands are now appearing to be releasing a small amount of suite decorations. So if you’re looking for a Killah painting or table for 25 Stardollars a piece, then hop on down to your nearest Killah store in Starplaza.

Overall I think it’s a pretty good collection. Prices are decent and the accessories are the bee’s knees.



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4 responses to “New Killah Collection Released in Starplaza

  1. Amber

    Do you mean the earmuffs? I can’t find the earphones.

  2. Amber

    Oh, never mind. Sorry about that ;L They’re kinda camouflaged, hehe. Or maybe I’m just going blind 😐

  3. Soph001

    I totally agree, an amazing collection, a lot less OTT than the last collection and I just adore everything! I may buy everything virtually and realistically

  4. @Amber

    I only knew they existed because they could be seen in the “New” tab in Starplaza haha. They hide them very well.

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