Stardoll MAC Me Over Make-up Tutorial – In collaboration with Sa…gataki

In collaboration with Sa…gataki from UnderneathStardoll. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

A massive thank you to Sa…gataki for being so patient. We got in contact for a second collaboration just when I reached HK, then I was off into China and I lost all connection to the Youtube and Blogger world. This was a little different from the E.T tutorial as I was allowed to create three looks of my own, while Sa…gataki did the other remaining three.

People have requested more realistic tutorials in the past and with the inspirations Sa…gataki provided it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so. I see it as very simplistic and a simple guide to those who are beginning to experiment with blending various eye-shadows. I tried to keep the amount of products I used low due to the feedback I received two days ago. The looks are supposed to be slightly messy, so I wouldn’t get too fussed over not getting the shape or form right. The dolls aren’t perfectly defined or well matched, just to give an insight into what the real world is really like. Not everyone has a thin heart-shaped face with protruding cheekbones and deep-set eyes or a doll-like complexion.

Collaborations are fun to complete, but they take a lot of effort from both sides. I believe in not committing to too many collabs with people because it’s important to get the work you want done first. It takes a lot of preparation if a video takes 3-5 hours to create on average.



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10 responses to “Stardoll MAC Me Over Make-up Tutorial – In collaboration with Sa…gataki

  1. Very nice, Lelly (:

  2. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    please dont give up on LA its so interesting!

  3. @Rosie

    Thank you Rosie :3

  4. @Sweetsigar289

    Aw thanks, I’m glad to hear you’re not bored of it yet. I only have the final day and journey to write about, but it’s been four months so things are a little hazy x)

  5. Anonymous

    You should do a Tim Burton tutorial! :]

  6. Skittleskiss

    That comment was mine -_____-^^^^^

  7. @Skittlekiss

    Ooh thanks for the suggestion – I’ll pop it on the list.
    A Mad Hatter look would be an interesting look to create.

  8. i want girl totorial with meke up

  9. i want girl tutoryal meke up
    you ander stand

  10. @Basma

    I am a little unsure of your request.

    All my tutorials are here:

    If you are requesting for a personal makeover then I do not give them or make-up.

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