Stardoll Remove Old Glitch.

I was replying to Guestbook messages as usual, scrolled down to visit TRR. and I find that someone is missing from my Best Friends List. I usually don’t pay any attention to it, as I find its purpose a little insignificant, but when there’s a big gaping hole it’s pretty hard to miss. I like the number six and the way it filled up one space.

I have been asked before – and I did create a post on the subject of it – how to add yourself as a friend. It was an old Stardoll glitch from a while back that you could no longer carry out yourself. Now, as we can see, Stardoll has fixed this old glitch. If you have previously added yourself, you can no longer see your own user in your friend list. I am a little saddened by this as I used to earn my starcoins by spamming my own mail inbox – to save the bother of anyone else being on the receiving end of my irrelevant messages.



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4 responses to “Stardoll Remove Old Glitch.

  1. Sabrina

    That’s a very interesting face you made there. ;D

  2. LaserminLonnor

    Hmm yes very interesting face!

  3. It’s an exact replica of my face when I seen the disappearing doll D:

  4. laserminlonnor

    I would love to see that face on a person!

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