A ramble. Socialising on Stardoll.

Just a quick few observations that I’d share. I’ve had these for a while, but never planned to create a post. I think it’s important for us to realise the various concepts that provide a foundation to our minuscule Dollyworld. Title is a bit misleading. 

Up until the recent years of Stardoll, there wasn’t many platforms us members could use to communicate with one another. I’ve mentioned this numerous times here, but I was a very lonely member when I first joined Stardoll. Lonely in a sense of: I scourged the few remains of the website without communicating to any of the three million members that had also signed up. It was only when the member count start rocketing and clubs were introduced that members from all locations around the world and different Stardoll social groups came together.


This is an old snapshot from the blog when the Big Makeover 2010 presented itself. I can’t quite recall the clubs being in that format. 

Through only typed words it is a challenge to express one’s self –  in terms of expression and tone. Something that you may say lightly in real life, may not transcend well onto the screen. There has always been an issue of fiery situations being blasted out in proportion because someone may have written something that may have been taken out of context or read the wrong way. It’s the only downfall of written language on Stardoll – perhaps there are a few more. In our current situation we have to be cautious with what we type, unless you do not mind stirring up a few kettles. Even with our spelling – which may not be of an importance to the majority of the population of Stardoll – things can be misinterpreted, and often with impulsive young users things are brought to a showdown or posted publicly on another medium outside of Stardoll.

You can feel the sense of someone’s harsh words when reading comments and what not and I have met a large proportion of members on this site who do not know when they’ve crossed the line. I am a firm believer in manners and I like to see them being used on the online world. People think they can get away with anything if they’re anonymous. I hate to break it, but sometimes being anonymous isn’t so anonymous after all. I read blog comments and also on Stardoll, but it’s fairly easy to pick the culprit out the bag. It is now common to find that so-called “friends” who secretly have some form of dislike towards you, will only tell you the honest truth through a fresh new account on Stardoll, as they’re such a coward to do so on their original account. It isn’t deemed acceptable behaviour, but from what I’ve seen it’s just another common sight here on Stardoll.

Clubs cause confusion, hysteria and are fun to tag along with in the process. Rumours are often dispelled or enhanced, with many of the “STARDOLL IS SHUTTING DOWN TOMORROW!” suggestions being exploded into mass mayhem. I see clubs as where people of the same common interests come together and have a good ol’ chat. Obviously there are clubs such as Stardoll Royalty where everyone (who has spent the pennies) has to join, whether they like it or not. They have created some of the biggest scandals we’ve seen that are even reported on Stardoll blogs when they reach that level of impact. One would usually take to think that you ought to be careful in dealing with creating an uproar of drama on any club – especially with ones that have a large volume of members – as it could often lead to disastrous effects. There has been the sighting of what people brand “famewhores”, who see this as an opportunity to transform them into something of a somebody on this site.

When the rise of the clubs became predominant it was the new way to start talking to, basically, everyone. It has changed in the past year or two, once the amount of blogs and projects started to inflate and then members started moving onto another base of communication. Nowadays instant messaging servers and social networks such as MSN, Skype, Facebook and Twitter are used in transmitting messages to one another – in a sense of you that would chat to your friends from Stardoll on these bases. It does have its advantage of letting us communicate with those we want to chat to instantly, although it can also have the devastating effect of taking something personal within someone’s private life and posting it on Stardoll.

Image found on Google Images. 

I have met most of my friends on Stardoll through here so I cannot honestly say that only through the website itself is the only way you socialise with other members. Now due to all the media outside Stardoll, we can communicate with others through other different mediums – it has its own advantages and disadvantages. I think it’s a little childish to ask of Stardoll to revert back to its 2006 stage because we would not have this sense of unity with one another. Without meeting anyone on this site or being in the knowledge of the existence of other members – even if we may observe the amount of members Stardoll has – Stardoll loses its form of a three-dimensional site. We have our dress-ups, Starplaza, make-up and dolls but it isn’t always enough to keep a sight running for over five years with continuous memberships being signed on. Socialising is a major feature that we have on Stardoll, thanks to the Guestbook and many other facilities that I could list.  For whatever reason you are on Stardoll for, making/having friends or just acquaintances always keeps the site that much more enjoyable.

I had no idea where this post was going to go. I hope it went somewhere.



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7 responses to “A ramble. Socialising on Stardoll.

  1. Britneyspearz23

    That is so true.

  2. Liz

    Ahh yes. I must agree.

    Tone though text can be conveyed very well if people bother to use the correct grammar and punctuation according to the context. If people make sentences with no emotive language, it becomes harder to interpret the way is should be and can instead be perceived as a rude or harsh comment. Emoticons help too >3<

    I've met a ton of awesome friends through clubs and stuff on Stardoll. I wouldn't know half the people I do if I didn't have TRR ^-^

  3. I agree, I think over 50% of Stardoll is based on communication. The Clubs make a big part of Stardoll. Chat and Guestbook do too.

  4. Anonymous

    I know that the ”STARDOLL’S CLOSING DOWN TOMORROW” comment was heading towards me c:<


  5. Anonymous

    ^The anonymous was me, amberzzz.


  6. @Amberzzz

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have no clue what you’re on about. If you’re talking about that overused phrase then it’s basically a reference to big scandals like “Disney’s buying Stardoll” that were produced as cheap jokes for club members – not you or whatever you’ve said or done?

  7. Amber

    Oh, sorry 😐

    I think that those things are really pathetic. I mean as if?

    I know that I’ve believed in these things and I know that I still might believe in them if they’re believable enough, but Disney buying Stardoll? I really don’t think so. I don’t remember this matter being spread round, since that was around the time I took some time from Stardoll, but I’ve seen people still talking about it. Was it really that believable?

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