Good Karma Week on Stardoll

I think this is a great idea for Stardoll to promote healthy relations with those involved in the world outside of Stardoll. However, I still think Stardoll is not creating the support that is needed on this site for things such as cyberbullying. Of course it is highly unlikely that we’ll all complete these tasks. Everyone wants freebies and it just takes a click of a button. Some of the activities might be something that you do in everyday life (e.g. I was helping my friend with her Chemistry homework in registration this morning) so there’s no need to think twice about hitting that mouse button.

I honestly hope that Stardoll create some sort of campaign to tackle immoral behaviour on this site. It’s something that I have personally dealt with. I’m just thankful that I’m at the age where I know who to turn to or how to deal with certain situations. When you’re at a very young age you sometimes have tendency to act on impulse, and in sense you are vulnerable online. I shall post about that later.



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3 responses to “Good Karma Week on Stardoll

  1. Alyssa

    NO WAY. We talked about Karma today in AP World History XD

  2. @Alyssa

    You cover a gigantic range of topics in AP World History, it seems xD

  3. Anonymous

    sta radite

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