Young Hollywood Collection Released

I have only just signed into Stardoll a few minutes ago (21:30 GMT) and being honest, I haven’t missed too much. Overall it’s a mediocre performance from Stardoll. I missed the first Young Hollywood collection while I was in LA and now being faced with the second phase of the brand, I don’t see what the big hype was about. Limited Edition is due to be released in October so why not save your pennies for better design and quality of virtual clothing?

I look at items such as the Ashley Colourblock dress and Ashley Sheath Dress and think – this is really in limited numbers? The Sheath Dress is only 25 Stardollars, but if Stardoll wanted to offer a cheap alternative for those who cannot afford the limited brands then they could have least put a little more “oomf” or life in the dress. It seems like Stardoll put a lot of effort into several of the outfits such as the Rihanna’s Crop Top and Zoe Mythical Dress, and then decided to give up halfway and throw out some unwanted Bisou castoffs at high prices.

The accessories and shoes are great. That’s one of the clear strong points of Young Hollywood. I was looking through the spoilers the other day and felt the need to purchase the Piano Key Star Clutch. Now I place it on my doll it looks tacky and not worth the 85 Stardollars it is priced at. Other bags such as the Golden Shingle Purse and Kilt Transformed Handbag are the big standouts.

Young Hollywood just isn’t what I would normally make my Medoll wear. It’s a hit and miss.



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11 responses to “Young Hollywood Collection Released

  1. Thanks for letting me know about the soon to be released LE! I was going to spend most of my Stardollars on the young Hollywood collection. But I think I’ll wait til’ LE is released!!!

  2. By the way it’s cool that you were in LA. I’ve only ever been to Florida and Pennsylvania buy. I live in NYC.

  3. Iceice20dice

    One word…..horrible.

  4. theanais4

    OOo snapples I Wasted 65 stardollars for the cheetah dress lOl and LE is coming ::(. I wish I see this artice before buying 😦

  5. skittleskiss

    Hey Lelly! :] Umm do you watch Skins ( UK) ? Lol I was just wondering because I watch the US Skins, and everyone says UK is better. Lol and how are you? We haven’t talked in a while :] ( Sorry If there is typos, I lost my glasses….haha

  6. Iceice20dice


    Hi, even though this question wasn’t for me, I just couldn’t help myself. (hehe) While both the skins are pretty good (in my opinion) I think that the one in the UK is alot more…hmm.. dirty? While the U.S is alot cleaner, I think the one in the UK is better. Just better actors, raw storylines, and it’s original. Sorry if I bothered you by answering your question, I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  7. @Faith Daniel

    The LE collections are released every three months, so it should be released in October (last time it was in July). Good luck saving your stardollars xD
    It was a special trip to mark 25 years of History trips. Usually the school only goes as far as NYC.

  8. @Iceice20dice

    Ahaha xD Straight to the point.

  9. @Theanais4

    It depends what date it’s appearing in October. LE is coming straight away – it’s just most likely due to be released somewhere in October (: I hope it’s Halloween. It’d be a nice birthday gift – doubt it would ever happen :L

  10. @Skittlekiss

    Hellooo xD
    I used to. It was aired pretty late on Channel 4 so I’d only get to watch half of the episodes. I don’t like the new cast -.- I’ve never seen the US Skins. The UK one is pretty explicit, I’m not sure how that compares to the US. Even though some of the storylines are pretty obscene – it does portray a somewhat accurate yet dramatised account of teenage life here.
    Aw I know :/ We should chat more. I’m good thanks for asking, yourself? Hope you find your glasses soon :3

  11. Marshmellow

    Overall I don’t like this collection but there are a few peices I would buy. For example –
    The black ruffle jacket and the daphne godess dress. (not exact names xD)
    the dress it a bit gaga but put with the right accecories it looks actually quite nice xD x

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