Miss Stardoll World Doree Collection Released.

Not only is it enough that we have a MSW Clothes store and Polished store, but now here’s a Doree collection. It would have been much more memorable if it wasn’t dyes we have already seen or that have already been released – in different packaging. I like how the packaging has been laid out that’s in a real box form, which is very realistic. The dyes and highlights are nothing that we haven’t seen before. The prices are exactly the same as the original Doree hair products – which we should be very thankful for.

My favourite dye is the Daylight Maroon and the Sweet Purple Highlighter. I just feel like this “special” Miss Stardoll World collection is just another repeat of older dyes from months ago. It would have been great if there was multi-coloured dyes or dyes that only specifically dye one side of your hair (think of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass Music Video). I believe that would have suited this big show case a lot more.

There is a 6 Starcoin Late Summer Gold Highlight available right now. I do not how long this will last so if it’s your kind of thing, get it while you can.





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2 responses to “Miss Stardoll World Doree Collection Released.

  1. Anonymous

    I hope theres new makeup!!

  2. bree.xx

    Wow! i cannot belive how deatiled uour posts r!! 5/5

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