New Collection of PPQ of Mayfair Released.

Overall a very sleek fall/winter collection. So far the PPQ floors have been dominated by clothes than to accessories, so it is nice to see a little shift and more jewellery being added this time round. I’m not too sure on the footwear, but it’s probably one of those things that grow on you. They somehow manage to remind me of my old fluffy slippers – they kept my feet warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.

There is a large bulk of black dresses that look very similar to one another except for some minor alterations. They are all around the same prices so I suppose it cannot be too bad. The dresses would be very useful for things like layering or just a simple outfit. I prefer the Daisy Minidress as it is so adorable. The Sequin Snake Rap Top is gorgeous, even though it is just a top and is priced at 24 Stardollars – I wouldn’t mind too much if I really liked the design (which I do). This is what separates Real Brands from the ordinary virtual stores from the likes of Bisou and Pretty in Pink. It isn’t always about the graphical quality, the design and shape accounts for something too.

The accessories are the best we have seen yet. As soon as I seen those Plait Ribbons I bought them straight away without a second thought. The hats are quite quirky, but I still like their overall shape. I thought the cuffs came in two’s yet sadly they are sold separately.

I could question the prices – especially those of the handbag – although one does have to keep in mind it is a Real Brand and it isn’t like the prices are going to decline any time soon.


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  1. hmm its awesome or good well its a good shop though i don’t have anny star dollars and i really want them to buy the dress at the back because my friend has the barbie wings and the dress plz stardoll:(

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