8000 Starpoint Rewards.

I was experimenting with The Blues look (from my latest video) with different eyes and colour palette. 

In comparison to other pigtail hairstyles available to wear in the Beauty Parlor (including previous Starpoint hairstyles) it appears to have a casual appearance. It is one of my favourite hairstyles on Stardoll yet as for Youtube tutorials, it’s not good for winged eye-shadow or eyeliner, as the sides of the hairstyle will cover the wing itself. So therefore there wouldn’t be much point in going to all the bother of producing a winged shape if you’re going to hide it behind a hairstyle in the first place.

I will possibly add this into my next tutorial, which will hopefully be finished by Sunday. I have an announcement to make and it affects tutorial making for a month. I wouldn’t have any problem creating, recording or editing – it’s Youtube that is the trouble. I’ll discuss this later on in another post. Due to this I am thinking of starting the Halloween series earlier.

It’s become a “thing” on my blog to do this kind of post when Starpoint rewards come along. One of the first posts ever uploaded onto this blog was on the subject of me receiving the 2000 Starpoint hairstyle back in 2008. How frightening to think that it was not so long ago.



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8 responses to “8000 Starpoint Rewards.

  1. Ericka

    How is it that your receive Starpoints that fast, it takes me many months to get at lease 500 starpoints. :S

  2. Dana1997x

    Well, if you upgrade into superstar you get
    17 – 19 starpoints daily I guess (That’s what my friend told me)
    But since I’m a non superstar you just do fun stuff,
    And you can get max 12 starpoints daily
    I have 1283 starpoints now.
    I have been on stardoll for around late 2010
    But I took a break like Lel on March – June
    So I’m finally back 🙂

  3. Iceice20dice

    I’ve been on for 6 months and only have 580 points? I’m to lazy to do all those things to get the starpoints lol. Anyways that hair is gorgeous, I’m super jealous 😉

  4. Ericka


    Thank you for the information. (:

    Yes, I do get at least 12 starpoints the day I log in Stardoll; I own almost 3900 starpoints… Never thought Superstars could get 15-17 starpoints daily.

    But, I know that Superstars are gifted like 1000 starpoints every month.♥

  5. It does not matter whether you are Non-Superstar, Superstar or Royalty – everyone can only earn a maximum 12 a day. This rule has been around since starpoints were first introduced. So I’m afraid Dana1997x that you’re friend gave you incorrect information.
    There has been some glitches in the past with people earning 13 one day, but never daily.

    I try aim for 12 everyday I am online. Even after I’ve earned my 40 starcoins, I will try and complete all the other tasks on that list – that’s how I earn nearly 12 everytime I log in. Plus from 7500 to 8000, I was on my summer break so I spent more days on stardoll than I would have done if I was at school.

    I’ve never received a gift of 1000 Starpoints before o.o
    Starpointing is an equal system for all – one of the good things about Stardoll.

  6. I have been on scince may the 16th 2010 so just more than a year and have 3086sp cant wait till 4000sp and luv tha hair xx

  7. Wow that’s a lot of dedication within one year! Good luck on getting to your goal, it’s one of the most versatile hairstyles in the game.

  8. Anonymous

    I have like 6500 but i’m on level 59 btw my name is kayta2002

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