Recent Stardoll Updates: MSW Starplaza Store. Survey Released. Clubs Updating/Down.

It’s been a busy day on Stardoll.

The graphics are lovely and there is a vary of different styles through this store. I think this is massive step-up from the last year’s collection which was ever so slightly poor, the clothes lacked that special something and volume. Although with great prices and a special occasions comes a hefty price-tag to pay for. The accessories are of decent prices – in my opinion. Usually I would expect to pay 26  Stardollars for a full length ball-gown, not for a short mini-dress. My favourite items would have to be the Gemstone White Booties, Dotted Petticoat Dress and Punch Feather Shoulder Dress. Not so keen on the prices, but it’s not like I could find these items after they’ve left Starplaza for a decent prize without searching high and low. I can almost guarantee that the majority would raise the bar up to 500 Stardollars.

I received a message from Stardoll in my inbox and thinking about it, it’s been a while since we were asked to complete a survey. I have to say, after last week I never knew how much thought is put into questionnaires and surveys. Sociology is an amazing subject. We were asked to create a questionnaire on racial prejudice and there was a gigantic summary of what each individual question led up to.

Any ways back to Stardoll. They asked several questions about what kind of gadgets you have in your bedroom and house, what model your mobile phone is and your attitudes towards technology. I was pondering whether or not Stardoll are thinking about expanding their apps onto different platforms other than the Stardoll AB apps on Apple App Store. I’d love to see one for Blackberry in the future. I am uncertain whether or not everyone has been asked to complete the survey, or it was only members from individual countries – which has happened in the past.

Clubs have been temporarily shut down. I hope they aren’t making a lot of drastic alterations. It might also have something to do with seven new languages being added to Stardoll, but somehow I doubt it. I’m dreading the moment the clubs reappear again. Usually when major changes are made to layouts here, majority of members tend to become very frustrated and angry i.e. Big Makeover 2010 – Don’t even get me started on that big debacle.



Sorry for short post, but school and revision are the top priorities.



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9 responses to “Recent Stardoll Updates: MSW Starplaza Store. Survey Released. Clubs Updating/Down.

  1. My favorite update has to be stardoll changing the Libyan flag! 😀
    They didn’t ask me to do the survey. :/

  2. They changed the the flag – oh my gosh that’s just amazing *-*
    That’s strange, it might have just been for certain countries.

  3. Anonymous

    i cant view my suite or n e other one… -.- is it an update?

  4. I don’t know if it’s an update, but I was experiencing the same thing last night. Might be updating or it could just be a glitch.

  5. laurenhorse

    Phew there back now i was so worried that they went o.e

  6. Michelle

    I know the clubs have already come back now, but part of the update was apparently to do with the fact that OriginalClub is returning, properly. All original members reinstated, original owner back in charge etc. This has actually already been confirmed by a member of Stardoll staff.

  7. Anonymous

    I know this is an old post, but only now is stardoll updating for me…..

  8. Anonymous

    i was trying to go on stardoll, and it was updating fr me, sorry for the late comment

  9. @Anon

    This is quite an old post from last year in September. The clubs (since then) have been up and running quite happily.

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