New Starplaza Decor Store: Opulence

How very exquisite indeed.

I was just having a browse through the store and I cannot find any items that I dislike or think that the graphical quality or design could have been improved. There’s something in this store for everyone. I don’t see all the items working together as one entire room as it would seem a little miss-matched, but if you take individual items or group of items you could almost easily decorate a room- with a specific theme – without a moment’s notice.

The prices did make me look twice. I suppose one could say that Opulence is a “luxury brand” on Stardoll. It’s just becoming very expensive in today’s current climate to buy all this fancy furniture from Starplaza and Suiteshop. It’s no wonder why members result into using proxy servers to receive free items.

The interior is also available to purchase through Suiteshop at a price of 30 Stardollars. I miss those days where you could buy a decent interior for around 15 Stardollars. Well the amount of Stardollars we receive goes up within a package, and so does the prices in Starplaza and Suiteshop.





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2 responses to “New Starplaza Decor Store: Opulence

  1. Iceice20dice

    While some of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous, the prices aren’t so cute :b

  2. When I saw these items the graphic quality reminded me of LE sort of. And when you amazing quality and design, there is no doubt now a days that the prizes will rise. But, overall, its very nice that Non-SS have some decent items for grabs :]

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