Stardoll Club Manager Updates.

From TheRealRoyalty. 

Is this a new update? I’m still a little confused about this. 

Beforehand, My account was only allowed to Approve and Ignore requests or to delete topics. Now as managers we have the ability to regulate other managers to other members and vice-versa (Promote other members to managers). We also have the opportunity to block and unblock members. 

Is this happening for every manager on Stardoll? Or is one of those updates that occur when you’ve been promoted to a manager for a certain length of time?

I think it’s good for those clubs with an inactive owner, but also leaves the managers with too much power. If there was bickering between two managers then it may lead to them both relegating each other or abusing their powers. 







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4 responses to “Stardoll Club Manager Updates.

  1. Agreed. That will just make fights, especially between owner and manager. Managers will make their friends managers without owners approvale and everything will just turn out amazinggg! -_-

  2. laurenhorse

    Yes I have that in one of the club’s i manage, just it is an open club so anyone can join and also there are no blocked members

  3. Keykaykay

    It’s all managers. As it happens, I am a manager of a club with an inactive owner, so I think it’s really handy.

  4. AliceIzzy454

    I just checked one of them clubs I manage and I couldn’t :/

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