Stardoll September Hotbuys 2011

*Sorry this post is a bit late*

Not my favourite month so far but there’s a few items that caught my eye straight away – like the dog. Have we ever seen an animal tagged as a hotbuy? Perhaps with the positive feedback from the Lanvin Artemis and Athena skirts, Stardoll decided to add another of a similar style to this month’s Hotbuys. Looks pretty great but I’m sure that price tag is going to tip the scales. I think its safe to say it is (sort of) animal themed? The Cheetah top, the Leopard Print Jacket, Snake-skin/Crocodile skin tote, Roar Tee and the wee dog. All in all I think I’m more excited for the earrings than anything else. None of these items stand out from the page on its own, I’m more interested in the models. Their hair is gorgeous – although one of the hairstyles is just the short Superstar hair with a bun on top.

I have to say, it’s a lot bolder and wilder than previous months. It’s been wishy-washy with pastels and pinks  and now it’s starting to feel like Fall.

As always, here’s the monthly calendar that marks the day of a release.





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2 responses to “Stardoll September Hotbuys 2011

  1. Hmm..I like the Shoes,Skirt,Dog,Jacket&Roar Top(:

  2. I love you lel1996 my name _-_LiAnDrA_-_ remember ??

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