123,456,789 Members on Stardoll!

It’s probably not one of the biggest celebrations, but it’s still a very recognisable achievement. I always still ponder on how many accounts each active person on Stardoll has made during their stint on this site. It is quite clear that at this moment there is not 123,456,789 active members on Stardoll. They still count for the deleted or removed members.

I believe Stardoll learnt their lesson from the last celebration. To keep people happy it is often best to provide free items that are available to every member. This free outfit does have a bit more flair to it than previous celebration merchandise. Something that’s not a cheesy Stardoll T-shirt or a simple dress. It might not be the best collection of items Stardoll has ever released but it’s a massive improvement from previous benchmarks.

The next celebration should be around 125,000,000 or 130,000,000? Just a guess. Well done to Stardoll and for those members and their multiple accounts! You’re making Stardoll into what it is today.




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  1. Anonymous

    I love the outfit keep going star doll!!!