New Tutorial On The Works?

Previously I said that a tutorial was not on the cards. Well I think now it is. I was messing around in the Beauty Parlor (as you do) and trying to figure out how to find another alternative to the one shadow lid. I spoke about it on my last Make-up Tips post with the two black and white diagonals but didn’t give great examples. So I’ve come up with a Three-step/Three Eye-shadows look.

The right eye is a better example.

I do receive lovely feedback from people who watch my tutorials and I understand that it is difficult these days to obtain the amount of make-up that is sometimes required. I would say it’s a step up from the Beginners tutorial – which also just used three shadows.

Eye-shadow doesn’t have to sit right on the lash line and neither does it have to be applied all around the entire eye. It’s not usually a look I personally like to go for. When you’re toning an apple in Art, do you colour the entire apple with black charcoal? It looks great with several Medolls and Outfits but when it keeps appearing constantly it gets tiring.



Nothing new on Stardoll.



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3 responses to “New Tutorial On The Works?

  1. Yay! my favorite color is blue, and your making the tutorial just in time! mom bought me a topup today and i finally decided to buy makeup, i always say i will but end up buying loads of clothes and getting stuff for my suite! :L

  2. All you need is a light blue, dark blue and black. Doesn’t matter if they’re the shade-sticks or the those little shadows. Blue is such a versatile colour.
    Haha I think almost everybody can relate to what you just said xD

  3. laurenhorse

    Lol, my fave colour is blue and i have them makeup, ill defoantily have to use this

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