I Think I Love You Stardoll.

Obviously the title is over-exaggerated for comedic value. I like you, but not to such an extent.

Apologies for the lack of posts and no tutorial these past few days. I’ve reached that specific point as I’m nearing the end of my holidays, where I just think to myself “What have you done?”. I’m sure we all do it. Planning out what we aim to achieve by the end of the long summer break but once it dries up you’re left wondering where all your time was spent. My goal this year was to motivate myself to create some art, read all the books Atom Publishers had sent me, start and finish the LA posts and upload a tutorial every week. I have not accomplished what I had set out to achieve.

Enough of my self-pity. I have a few precious days left and my main goal is to finish LA. I will have wrapped up Los Angeles by the time I set foot in the school grounds. I don’t know about a tutorial but thank you to all those who have asked and showed concern.

I’ve tried to explain over these recent months that Stardoll isn’t “greedy”. Due to the disliked Starcoin update we have identified the phrase multiple times on club discussions and blogs, and even perhaps said it ourselves. I believe that before you start dragging Stardoll into court, you need to not only think about your own interests but also their’s.

I was earning my Starcoins at maximum speed just the other day. I had around eighteen minutes to collect all 40 Starcoins. Backing it up here. It is possible to earn your Starpoints and Starcoins if you did not log in the previous day. You just need to earn all these coins and points before the “new day starts” which is usually around 12 o’clock GMT. So I was in such a big hurry to grab my Starcoins as fast as I could, not looking where I was pointing my mouse. It was all going swell until I reached Fashion Design. I made a child-like flower pattern and created Harem pants which I had no intention of buying. With a slip of my USB mouse fifteen stardollars was taken out of my purse and I was left with a disappointing pair of bright yellow Harem pants.

A stunning recreation of my jaw-breaking Harem Pants. 

I contacted Stardoll and checked my account this morning and they gave me back my fifteen stardollars. I know this is all trivial and not worth mentioning but it’s happened to me a few times on Stardoll through the years and I never received a refund or even a sorry-no-can-do reply. So thank you Stardoll.





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3 responses to “I Think I Love You Stardoll.

  1. Anonymous

    That is exactly what I did this morning, I made yellow jacket and when I dragged it over to the bin, it said ”Thank you for your purchase” I contacted stardoll but I don’t know if they’ll give me back my money :[

  2. Amber

    Anonymous was me x]

  3. If you explain yourself well then I’m definitely sure that you’ll receive a refund within no time.

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