Miss Stardoll World – Coming soon.

Oh joys. Miss Stardoll World is in the horizon.

I forgot to update the old Miss Stardoll World post, but an engraved Ipod Touch is up for grabs as well.

I have a plan. While the majority of Stardoll is going berserk spamming everywhere possible (even Twitter) I shall try to keep everything normal. That means removing someone as a friend if they start spamming my Chat or blocking anyone who thinks my Guestbook is  broadcast. I don’t see why people need to spend so much stardollars in advertising for their cause. If you think you’re the embodiment of Miss Stardoll World then you could probably win it without spamming every club and comment section there is.

I don’t know what’s happened today, but ever since that mail has been released certain people I have spoken to have been acting strangely. It’s going to be a long wait until MSW ends. Thinking about it makes me sad. I just can’t wait until it is over and done with.



Thank you to all those who suggested I use a different internet browser. Only Internet Explorer proved successful but it was so sluggish. Now my usual internet browser is fixed but tonight I’m exhausted – even though I have done basically nothing – so I’ll leave work on the next Youtube video for tomorrow.

This is also strange as well as people are requesting makeovers. If anybody reads my Youtube Channel – I don’t give out makeovers. I stopped a long time ago, my sincere apologies.



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16 responses to “Miss Stardoll World – Coming soon.

  1. Aliceizzy454

    I wasn’t really online during the first bit of Miss stardoll world but how to you get into it once you’ve clicked enter? I remember doing it last year. I was pretty clueless about stardoll at the time.

  2. It’s a different system to last year so it possibly won’t be the same. We’ll just have to wait to see until it opens.

  3. I am closing my Guestbook until it finishes. 😉

  4. Sherryiscool

    ^^Good idea ^_^ Should i enter? 🙂

  5. Clary

    In if I did place it would be a case of: Hey Stardollians! Im closing my guestbook because your a bunch of spammers Im not accpeitng requests because youu just want my rares or to hack me.

  6. Anonymous

    why does everyone care so much! i mean geez!

  7. Amber

    I’ve never entered it and I don’t know how it works. Could you tell me?

  8. AliceIzzy454

    Hey Lelly! Just back from holiday! Had a great time despite all the travelling! Left England yesterday at 6 in the morning, got home at about one (not the afternoon!) Just in time for my birthday :L

  9. Do. Not. Want.

    Oh well. i’ll just keep myself out of the loop for said period of time. I secretly wanna win, but the hope of doing so is probably very, very close to zero. Think along the lines of 0.00000000000……0000001.

  10. tisdale4009

    hw does it work i wana enter

  11. @Noran.crystal

    Good plan xD Perhaps for Friends Only?

  12. @Sherryiscool

    Everyone should give it twirl, just a bit of fun – nothing to be taken seriously x)

  13. i want to be the next stardoll world cuz last year i did a purchase around 10229 thousands coins for winning miss stardoll world and if this year i don’t win then i will report all the top members of stardoll and also the winner i w on’t stay quiet for next miss stardoll world

  14. Anonymous

    How do you close your guestbook?

  15. I cant wait to find out who won! I hope its you Lel1996! Your awesome!!

  16. @Anon

    Go into My Account>Settings> Underneath Guestbook Settings click on Open for me only.

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