Mortal Kiss 2: Fool’s Silver

Faye and the crew are back again with a new adventure for us members to devour. For those who haven’t read Mortal Kiss before, in the first chapter here they have squished the previous storyline into one paragraph.

I’m not a fan of dark teenage romance novels – which I think I’ve made clear – so therefore you could say I am biased. I am an avid reader but teenage literature just isn’t to my taste. There is a poorly written review that exists on this blog (with so many commas). You don’t need to read it but basically I thought there was no rhythm or flow to the clichéd storyline and the characters were very flat. When you meet your mother for the first time and realise she is your nemesis you don’t ask a couple of questions then say “Okay, I’m going to pop out now. See ya!”.

If you haven’t read the book before and you would like to then here’s the link (Click on the big book to the right).

They may update over the next few days – I have no clue.

I think it’s disappointing that they released the first chapter in the Stardoll Magazine/Blog. I really liked the layout of the Map and Book of last year’s as there was a lot more interactivity with the story and the setting. I’m unsure whether they will change this in any way at all, or throughout the days they will just release the chapters in the Stardoll Magazine/Blog.

I can see that everyone is excited about the store. The clothes and accessories did prove to be popular last year so lets hope they make it so this time round.

I think that the biggest step the creators of this campaign had to take was to bring the readers who had not previously read Mortal Kiss into delving into the story with ease without the summarised paragraph. In the first chapter they’ve made it clear that Liz is obsessed with fashion and Lucas likes his music but for me I’m just feeling like they’re pointing out the obvious – they don’t need the narrator to point it out. Personally I would like to see them let the story flow and incorporate their characteristics into the plot. We’ll have to wait and see in the next couple of chapters.



I just got the title. Fool’s Gold? No, Fool’s Silver. Ah Stardoll you crack me up.



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4 responses to “Mortal Kiss 2: Fool’s Silver

  1. One Mad Dolly >:3

    The next item is a interior, and i bought it thinking it was only 30 starcoins. But I missread it and it’s 30 stardollars. I just waisted 30 bucks on a lame interior……..Shiiiiittttttt.

  2. Anonymous

    I found mortal kiss an amazing book and cant wait to buy the second one!

  3. Anonymous


  4. @Anonymous

    I wonder why Stardoll removed the chapters and left the prologue o.o Thanks for letting me know.

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