New Polished Floor: Sea of Stars

I honestly have not visited the Polished store or decorated my nails since this feature was first released. The majority of members in Stardoll Royalty were persistent in the Suggestions For Stardoll Topic that we should be able to decorate our Medoll’s nails and what not but I don’t see there being any longevity within this. It’s not similar to make-up, in my view, as that makes your Medoll. It’s the first thing that anybody is going to see, whether that be in a club discussion or in someone’s best friends list. Do you go around people’s suites checking other their feet and nails? I highly doubt it.

For all those who have a liking to leopard-print, glitter and sparkles then prepare yourself. It’s not a big step forward from the previous nail polishes but it’s still a step. Stardoll have gone all “Luxe” on us and have released a batch of nail polishes in line with the Sea of Stars graphic novel. My favourites have to be the Midnight Sky and Narwal Dream. Leopard print isn’t my cup of tea but I think they look pretty decent.

Overall the prices are a bit of a set back. 16 Stardollars per polish, although my least favourite – Royal Turkos is free for all Royalty members (before anyone asks it’s 365 days of Superstar membership).



I might get round to recording today, I have no idea. I want to but it’s not working as well as I hoped it would turn out.



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2 responses to “New Polished Floor: Sea of Stars

  1. Sara

    Too many sparkles 😛
    All though I did buy the Royalty polish, but only because it was free ( You gotta love freebies, right?)

  2. skittleskiss

    I like the leopard, It makes me feel like I’m on the show Jersey Shore :p

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