Miss Stardoll World 2011 Confirmed.

Here we go again . . .

Stardoll posted this slight spoiler onto their Official Twitter account.


I couldn’t see it well enough on my mobile phone but it’s crystal clear here. The winner of MSW will win 1000 Stardollars, 2000 Starcoins, Exclusive Crown, Exclusive Sash, A full wardrobe of clothes and an invitation to post articles on the Stardoll Blog.

When thinking about it, it’s not that much. I was expecting a lot more for some strange reason. I think members want this more for the title and the popularity that comes with it rather than the actual rewards. I think that’s a sad thought to hold but it’s just the way our community stands.

This was posted on the official Stardoll Royalty Club by one of the two managers.

There was a little uncertainty in the topic whether or not it was meant by 400 Starcoins or 400 Starpoints. There was a 200 Starpoint benchmark last year. So unlike last year we can vote for anyone we wish and we can vote for multiple people, but only one specific member once. Sounds okay to me and a lot better than last year’s system.

I can just picture it in my mind. People spamming each other’s guestbooks for them to vote for each other and the amount of bribing. Peeps, we’re definitely going to see broadcast numbers up to a new high. We’ll see some RC clothing and LE/DKNY First season clothes on the table. Perhaps even a Year’s Membership within a raffle. This is going to be exciting and I can’t wait to see the absolute panic on this website when it comes along. I think some members take this contest a little bit too far. It’s supposed to be some light-hearted fun not some ridiculous bidding war.

Well if Stardoll doesn’t place a ban on bribing then we’ll all know who will win. An extremely well-known figure on Stardoll or a member with the hold of their parent’s credit card (or their own if they’re old enough).

So dress-up your dolls and decorate your suites as August the 29th is less than four weeks away.

I think we’d all like to think we could grab onto that title and crown but personally, I don’t see it being so realistic. It’s fun to participate in but I wouldn’t get upset if I wasn’t even chosen, but I’m still going to use it as an excuse to decorate my suite for once. There is a line in which one can easily cross, where this isn’t just a virtual game to entertain yourself but a some sort of burden that’s eating a way at your social life and money – then you know you’re in need of some help.





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12 responses to “Miss Stardoll World 2011 Confirmed.

  1. Anonymous

    arent you only allowed 2000 sc though?!

  2. Well they’ll probably make an exception for Miss Stardoll World.

  3. Ericka

    I just thought…

    If some people in Stardoll live by making campaigns to win, and that is all they do on Stardoll…emptying their wallets just to win a imaginary award. When they finally win, that coveted prize; what are they going to do later. I mean…you already won it, the fun is taken away as you got no more to do…if that is all you wanted.

    I do not know what applicants to Covergirl think when they do those campaigns; they skip all the fun Stardoll has to offer..

  4. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    I didn’t enter last year and i don’t rly plan on entering this year… its like those todler and tiara beauty pagents……. your judged by beauty when you lok nothing like you normally doo……

  5. How do you enter? I don’t think of entering or anything I just wanted to ask 🙂
    Add me on Stardoll, I’m called: **** 🙂 thanks xxxx

  6. Finally someone that thinks like me, lol. 🙂

  7. @Anonymous (first comment):
    When I bought the years worth of superstar package, I got 2000 starcoins for free. I already had 560 starcoins, and it let me have 2560 coins at once. It varies depending on person to person, but I can have more than 2000 starcoins at one time.

  8. @.Scarlette.

    There is no entry, it’s something along the lines of Covergirl so just think of it like that. Instead of someone voting you five stars, they’re just going to vote for you for MSW.

  9. Amy-xXx

    This sucks coz I’ll never win!
    I was a SuperStar when nothing interesting was on (apart from the spring season LE) and now I’m not and I look absolutely dreadful.

    My name on Stardoll is Amy-xXx (I’m not sure it’ll show up ; Scarlette’s didn’t)

  10. Amy-xXx

    Unlesss her name is ****, which I searched and nothing appeared?
    Oh well.

  11. Anonymous

    If the finalists of the countries are a stardoll’s choice… so I would like just be one of the finalist of my country… be the stardoll’s choice?!.. :O It looks awesome xD
    After that… yes, they can offer gifts… so… I’ll win never that xD -.- kikiki

    I made campaigns to my friends to be CG or NCG, but never for me because “how I can win that?” xD
    Well…one day, like the others (3months ago)… I came to my page a minutes after the results of NCG (and I didn’t saw that, like other days rsrs) and saw in my GB: congrats (me: WTF?)… so someone said me in chat: you’re the NCG! Me: It can’t be possible…everyday we have so much people who do campaign…how can I win without campaign? But I won…
    I don’t know but I won NCG of Portugal and I didn’t anything to win… I know it wasn´t a campaign and I didn’t won anything like: designs and catwalk..I just won that 🐱 It was like my Bday in stardoll xD So I think… maybe… 10 years a later (or more) I can do the same lol rsrsrs

    Kiss** I’m AlexaSantos