Have we lost all respect for our peers?

I’m in need of a heavy dose of motivation. These past few days I’ve not been working on any new posts or a tutorial – apologies. I think it’s just the realisation that I’ll be holding my exam results sometime this month, which completely bums me out. To say I’m nervous is an understatement.

I know if I crack open my laptop I won’t get any work down so I think it’ll be a nice challenge (again) to use the good old trusty Torch but with a twist – just using the touchscreen. I just have to take the hard route this time.


The Stardoll community itself is very distorted, in my eyes. It has rapidly changed since the stone-age days of Paperdoll Heaven. Perhaps this is just a reflection of today’s younger generation, or as a community we’ve just lost all respect for ourselves, other members and not to mention Stardoll itself.

We lighlty poke fun at “noobs” in discussions, create fake gossip around the “elites” on most occasions, create fake accounts to try to hurt others or just to gain attention, spread rumours on blogs constantly, spam others Guestbooks advertising our sales or for the coveted Covergirl trophy – never once taking that 60 second minute just to try spark up a decent chat with someone for a change, steal someone else’s virtual clothes through trading or scamming, take someone’s beloved account (which is possibly the worst deed you could ever commit here), “shout” abuse at someone over a silly little mishap, arguing on the comment sections of blogs as we’ve jumped to a conclusion or we’re not with the majority. The list goes on.

Stardoll is fuelled by young children and hormonal teenagers, mostly. So it’s no wonder why the community is in the form that it is. Although that still isn’t an excuse to explain why we commit such dreadful acts to people we’ve never met.

Perhaps it’s a lack of discipline on Stardoll’s behalf. So we spread chainmail around guestbooks and what do we get? A slight tap on the hand and a warning (I’m guessing). The consequences are not so severe. Even though Stardoll warn us that by chainmailing we could face some heavy punishment – and not to mention that they don’t work – we still go on ahead and do so any ways. 300000 stardollars is totally worth it y’know, just need to press F4 and log back in and out and our work here is done. (Sarcasm)

If Stardoll ever sent out heavier punishments then it can be assumed that this would only increase the resentment that we already hold in our hearts. We’ve already lost all respect for Stardoll itself. I’m surprised the people who are employed by Stardoll even want to face the dreaded blogs. We call them ridiculous words such as “stupid” and “greedy” on countless occasions. If this was a high school I think poor old Stardoll would have gone and left in no time. I’m unsure if the majority of Stardoll members know how real life works out. If your teacher commands you to complete your 500 word essay for tomorrow then most likely you would do as they say. You don’t turn around and call your teacher a “gargantuous loathsome pig” because you’re too lazy to even bother. It’s the same online.

We’ve been so accustomed to roam free and create as much damage to our hearts content. Remember those dreadful “Burn Books”? Were those members ever punished or warned for spreading lies about some innocent “elite”? We’re like a rampaging teenager on the loose and Stardoll’s the parent who doesn’t seem to have a tighter grip on our leash.

Stardoll might not always exceed our expectations and they might bump up a few prices or two, but I think we need to retain some respect for those who provide for our dire needs of dress-up dolls and virtual shoes.

Not to mention what little respect we hold for other members across the community. It seems that everywhere I turn there is some sort of argument or heated debate going on. Whether that be on someone’s guestbook or a blog. We may not agree with other’s points of view but there’s no need to call someone a female dog because of it.

An example. About last week or so, someone had left me a comment on my Youtube channel. I went to watch their videos and there was one in particular that shocked me. Within this video she had posted snapshots of a club discussion – upon religion. In the description she claimed th at all those who didn’t worship her God were female dogs and were going to the fiery pits of hell. Also telling people to commit suicide when they disagreed with her in the comments section. I gave the video the thumbs down. It was much more shocking when I watched this video, I’m just describing it terribly.

Religion is a controversial topic to discuss. It has caused wars in the real world, not to mention terrorism. Where innocent civilians lose their lives because people believe that their God is better than anyone else’s. So if we can’t learn respect now for our fellow member’s different religions and beliefs, then where will we stand when we become adults?

Just because you cannot see another human being’s face across the computer screen doesn’t mean that there isn’t a human out there feeling hurt because of what you have spitefully typed in haste. There is a point of being blunt and sarcastic but there’s also a moral line in which you can easily cross.

Yes, some people might need to earn your respect before you dish it out on a silver platter, but you wouldn’t treat someone like a discarded last season’s handbag because they haven’t saved your life or some other ridiculous act that reflects bravery and honour. No-one is going to kiss the ground you walk on in order for you to treat them as equals. Whatever happened to “Treat others as you would like to be treated”?


I haven’t written a post like this since that greedy post, which was a while back. Nice to get back to what I like doing best. Excuse all grammar and punctuation please, words that I don’t even remembering typing came up out of nowhere. Pictures will be added later when I hit the laptop. Not literally.

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8 responses to “Have we lost all respect for our peers?

  1. This has got to be the best rant of ALL time! 🙂

  2. Aw thank you :3 I’m glad you like it. I hope I got the message across well, went a little off topic sometimes haha.

  3. Liz

    I think to be honest, this can all come back to the greed post. The whole site seems to be fyeled by greed – people want attention, people want to become elites, people want covergirl, people want DKNY and rares, people want money, people want royalty and. people want their name to be plastered over some big Stardoll blog. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and people are willing to steal, hack and hate on others for it.

    People are spending so much and doing these things for fame. Anyone like that needs to go out and buy a *real* pair of shoes.

  4. Clary

    Fame Fashion and Friends. Lately it just seems like : Fame, Over priced virtual clothes and famewhores.

  5. @Liz

    Well said Liz, very well said.
    I was working on post discussing that very same thing. It’s a waste of time looking at those damn projects in which there is no drive or passion within, they’re very easy to find. Where did it all go? Some members of Stardoll visit the place because they’re missing something in their own lives but I don’t think popularity should be one of them.

  6. @Clary

    Hah! Does seem like it.

  7. shewasonceit

    In all honestly, I don’t believe there’s such thing as respect anymore.
    I watched these boys from my school sitting next to me on the bus poke fun at an elderly man, sitting by himself. “What a fat ass, bet he never gets laid!” and they expected me to join in on his humiliation and misery. Our society has formed into one big joke; I don’t like living like this, a world in which we hold no self-respect for others, and in some cases, not even ourselves. Thus, teenage girls who feel the need to slather themselves in make-up and skirts that show off their G-string/thong. There are so many teenage girls at my school who are so unapproachable and rude. They hold no respect for others, laughing someone makes a mistake and then tormenting them later. It’s inevitable that several people will fall prey to the scheme of ‘Post this in 10 guestbooks and receive 1300 stardollars’. I have seen this posted upon my Guestbook several thousands of times, and I visit their page later, and their account is still there. This is much to the annoyance of myself. I also find it quite hilarious when the elderly or slightly older generation call the younger generation ‘rude’. I believe I have good manners, making sure always to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’. And yet, there’s some people who are 50+ and don’t even know how to say Thank you! And I was shocked to read about the girl who visited your page and was so fired up over her religion. I am Catholic, I believe in God, I go to a Catholic school. I don’t pray to him everyday, I don’t often go to Church. And yet these children, who are raised by their parents to believe ‘their’ God is best is despicable. It does not only teach and encourage the children to hold no acceptance, but also teaches them to be judgmental and really, telling someone to commit suicide because they don’t believe in the same religion as you is pretty evil and heartbreaking. I am disgusted that this is how our world has become. A place in which we hold no respect or acceptance for others.

  8. Anonymous

    dis is shit

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