JCPenney Nail & Lipgloss Kits.

I got quite excited when I seen these two items in the New section of Stardoll this afternoon. I had seen them in the spoilers and thought they were a pack of lipglosses and nail varnishes in one. Funny how they only cost 30 Starcoins each.

No, they’re just some sort suite decor items. Save your Starcoins people, unless you want a giant Nail kit hanging from your wall or behind your bed. It would be hilarious to see what suite ideas people could come up with using these items. Do these items exist in real life? I wouldn’t mind reviewing them if I lived in the US.

Stardoll, you’ve sadly disappointed me today. Although I wasted 60 Starcoins due to my lack of common sense.





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24 responses to “JCPenney Nail & Lipgloss Kits.

  1. aoife1111

    I did the same and then I was all bummed when I realised they were just firniture 😦

  2. @aoife1111

    Sucks, doesn’t it :L

  3. Thanks for the heads up.I got so excited when i saw the picture 😀

  4. When i saw the spoilers I was excited and I told myself when they come out i would buy them. So, they were released (I didn’t notice at the moment) I went to someones suite to find the items in their room. When I clicked it it was like any furniture etc. Which meant I didn’t even bother to get them. Its pretty useless in my opinion.

    Also, did you hear OC was temporarily down for inspection?

  5. @Sabrina

    No problemo (:

  6. @.Anti.Dot.

    I’m sure the amazing suite decorators of Stardoll will find a use for them somehow :L
    Oh my gosh, really? 😮 Inspection you say, was someone spreading infected links or something?

  7. Sara OC was down? That’s a bit odd…
    @Lelly: Haha I thought the same, but then I bought them and realized that they were only for decoration.

  8. I was really dissapointed as well. At the time I was saving my starcoins, and when I saw them, I bought them, and after finding them to be just furniture, was completely unhappy.

  9. skittleskiss

    Well, Stardoll is really making me mad! I paid way over 300 Stardollars ( I got the Penthouse and Beach Villa) And I have yet to get my Starcoins/Items. Oh, well.

  10. megan

    @ Lelly: check memoires of a medoll 4 the info. about the O.C inspection going on. It’s QUITE the story. ;]

  11. I saw them in spoilers, and I was so happy that they were coming, but then I saw this, and it’s just a waste. But, we shouldn’t have thought that, Stardoll would never give away something like THAT to an Non-SS

  12. Anonymous

    How many gift cards you bought. I want to’ know because i want to’ get the hair you got how much giftcards should i buy. Thanks Lel 🙂

  13. @Anon

    To get my hairstyle you don’t need giftcards. It’s a 7500 Starpoint reward, so all you need is about two active years on Stardoll.

  14. @Anon

    To get my hairstyle you don’t need giftcards. It’s a 7500 Starpoint reward. It took about two/three active years on Stardoll starpoiting for me.

  15. Anonymous

    @skittleskiss you have to buy from starplaza 🙂

  16. @skittleskiss you have to buy from starplaza

  17. Sara

    @Lelly: The lipgloss an nail kits DO exsist in the US!

  18. @Sara

    They do 😮 My my I wish I could get my hands on them and write a little review.

  19. How to I find the 2 items pretty’n pink in cost 30 starcoins?

  20. @Zina Alabdula

    I’ll try and find the link for you.

  21. I think you can find them at JCPenney’s website. Just earch ” JCP Pretty N Love Nail Polish set” into Google. I’m sure you’ll find something =)

  22. @Sara

    Gosh this was while back :L
    I’m sure we don’t have a JCP in the UK so I don’t think I could be bothered ordering online just for a single review, but thanks very much.

  23. SparklyStar15

    Hey Lel do you now know why OC got deleted? Lavenderluva is a deleted user, but I strangely was in her beauty parlour O.o

  24. Belle

    Lol, wouldn´t that be funny if Stardoll had a glitch and you could really use the kit. Sadly Stardoll would never do that as they are hardly cheap on makeup unless it is an eyebrow colorer.

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