Stardoll August Hotbuys 2011

So the Hotbuys for August were released yesterday. I know it’s a day late but I have a legitimate excuse – I was offline.

I somehow have a feeling that this month’s collection would have been more suited to July and vice-versa. It’s very nice indeed. A lot of pink but not so much that it’s sickly. I like how Stardoll are adding more accessories now, as it’s easier on the purse and there’s nothing like Hotbuys accessories – especially the jewellery. I thought we’d already seen something like the Bouquet bag, it was given out as a freebie during the Spring Pass (correct me if I’m wrong) although this version is a lot more neater in comparison. I love the shoes. I tend to dislike Hotbuys shoes as sometimes they can overdo it. Decorative shoes only go with so few outfits. Think of classic Hotbuys shoes such as the YSL inspired cream pair. It’s well sought after not only because it’s a Hotbuy but because of its flawless design.

I can sit here and pick out which ones I’ll “definitely buy” but when it gets round to it I probably won’t. They look nice on that sheet but once I place them on my doll, she looks like she dramatically gained a hunchback or gained 30 pounds. Although I’ll “definitely buy” the Bear Hat as it’s just so cute. I also like the leggings and the Fireworks Dress. I love the design as it slightly reminds me of a modern Kimono. Ever so slightly.

I’m surprised Stardoll did a modern take on the Cheetah/Leopard print and instead made it Pink. That’s just interesting. I possibly might not buy that piece as I don’t see it combining with other outfits too well in the future. The Chinoise Blazer looks very fashionable but it just reminds me something that an aunt or grandma would wear, without the belt.

The usual. Here’s a calendar marking the dates of when an item will be released.



I didn’t notice it until a few minutes ago but thank you so much for the over 1,200 Subscribers on Youtube. That’s just crazy! Never thought I’d get anywhere above a hundred and so to reach this mark after a few years of constantly recording and the painful editing, I’m glad to have gained such lovely and supportive friends and subscribers.

Due to Amy Winehouse’s tragic and untimely death, I was considering making a tutorial inspired by her. Her make-up and her hair will definitely go down in the history books.

I also wanted to re-do my deleted Decades video but split it up into perhaps, two or three parts as the original video itself was around 17 minutes. I’ll see what I can come up with today. I won’t be creating a tutorial out of those two looks that I posted a while ago, I want some time to develop the Emma Watson make-up as I just don’t think it’s exactly “there” yet.

I might combine this with the Decades concept. I’m just rambling on right now. I hate to say this but the make-up with my doll on the 7500 Starpoints post, well I can’t actually create a tutorial out of it as I already have. I only realised it afterwards but it looks like a purple/pink version of my Ocean Breeze look. I’d have to alter it slightly.



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7 responses to “Stardoll August Hotbuys 2011

  1. AliceIzzy454

    I love the shoes and the skirt. Shoes are coming out on my birthday! :L

  2. I am likeing the collection so far but it is all very… pink…

  3. Hello my name is jayla

  4. I love it! Agreed of the though that this should of been July. But, they are still beautiful items and I love them!

    Also, the bag was for Spring Surprise :] So you were close xD lol. Hopefully Stardoll will make the Hotbuys one better quality.

  5. skittleskiss

    the skirt comes out on my birthday ;]

  6. Anonymous

    only got the hat and the skirt. im kinda dissapointed this month. its all too…

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