New Shake It Up Store.

Cheap and Cheerful are the only two words that I can use to describe the new Shake It Up Store. I don’t know if it’s only available to view by UK members only (as Shake It Up is currently a UK campaign on Stardoll) although if you cannot view the store in Starplaza, just try Starplaza search.

There are some amazing bargains within this store. A dress for 2 Stardollars! That is a rare occurrence in Starplaza these days. The most expensive item is a 104 Starcoin Cropped Jacket. I don’t like the whole holey concept of clothing, just not my kind of thing. It would be amazing if Stardoll let us rip our own jeans and denim jackets.

The foot wear is very practical for dancing, although I doubt our Medolls will be moving in such a way any time soon. Lots of people have suggested to Stardoll to create different poses and positions of our Medoll in the Royalty club – some even want a Club Penguin-type system. I think that would kind of ruin the “Paperdoll” experience. Off topic there.





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  1. TheQueeness

    thanks for saying! but can you post a link to the shop or smth? 🙂

  2. Ericka

    I think it is just for the U.K. the store is not available for me. I usually like some of their outfits in real life but virtually they just do not get my attention… I do not like the “Club Penguin” idea, Stardoll will become another club penguin, to explain it that way. First, Stardoll will be divided into servers; that will decrease the ability to visit and know other members… Next, it will take more time to load… Finally, Stardoll will have to create different areas in the server. If it just becomes in another tab like “My Page”, then it kind of will take away the fun of Stardoll. If you want something similar to Club Penguin, then play in Club Penguin..just my opinion.

  3. amfilo

    I’m sorry that this doesn’t really have anything to do with the topic at hand…. But since you guys are all pretty familiar with Stardoll could you tell me if there are some outfits on the celebrity dolls that never were and never will be available on Starplaza? I’m asking because I REALLY wanna buy some of them.

    I really did try to google an answer to this and could’t find one…please help the newbie 🙂 THANKS!!

    Also, the SIU clothes were available to me even though I’m not in the UK. I can’t see the store BUT the clothes show in the “NEW” section. Weird. Bought a bunch of stuff though as I think they were cheap pieces that will compliment some of my outfits 🙂

  4. @Amfilo

    By the sounds of it, what you’re looking for is RC clothing. These are extremely “rare” and there are very few quantities of some of the items. Although they are priced at sometimes 1,000 – 10,000+ Stardollars during bids. Most people now want real life money for these clothes. You’d be wasting a lot of money to get your hands on these virtual items.
    Also the lottery dresses but they are also priced very highly – about the same as the MKA RC.

  5. @Rosie

    Thanks for the link! I’ll update the post next time I get on my laptop.

  6. @Ericka

    I thought so, must be similar to the US Monte Carlo store.
    Good points made there. Perhaps younger members of stardoll just want to interact with other members of stardoll more visually. I doubt stardoll would ever go along with the idea due to all the things you noted above.

  7. amfilo

    Lelly, thanks so much! There’s a lot of stuff on Stardoll they don’t write in guides 🙂

    Yeah, totally not going to waste thousands of stardollars or real money for those…it’s a shame though, I really like the McQueen designs.

    One more thing though…what’s RC/MKA RC?

  8. sweetsugar289 stardoll

    they are just UK because here in the USA there is no store but when i looked up grey clothes is saw some of the stuff it looks really cool in my opinion!

  9. You know what really confuses me? Is that they put stuff like a Shake it Up store/campaign only in the UK when lots of other places (especially the US) watch it as well.

  10. Also, (out of topic though) the August Hotbuys are out… beautiful! Lots of summer things (especially compared to July Hot Buys) :]

  11. Promotions and advertisements work like that. It must have something to within a contract. Shake It Up has already been promoted in the US on Stardoll already, I think.

  12. Yup I seen them on USD’s Twitter on my phone. Very nice indeed, more “summery” than the previous.

  13. Shake it up is the only thing I watch on Disney and I was so happy when I found out about the stardoll premotion. I have been told by loads of people that it is only out in the UK so that is a shame but I spent more than 400sd and starcoins in that shop! hehe xx

  14. The only things in that collection that I would buy are the Brown Socks and Brown Shoes. I think that their outfits in real life really aren’t much like these ones.

  15. ally archer

    could u say where the store is

  16. @Ally

    I mentioned it in the first paragraph.
    In Starplaza. If you’re not from the UK then you can’t view the store – follow the link Rosie posted here in the comments section.

  17. Marshmellow

    I love this store really cheap aswell also they look identical to the real outfit wich is nice