Feet Feature in Beauty Parlor. Tiptoe Store released.

My Panda paws (feet).

As soon as the hand feature was released, it was inevitable that feet acccessorising was going to be added sometime soon.   It is hardly different from the Hands so there isn’t anything new here. Even if it is a new feature I’m just not excited. I don’t expose my feet on Stardoll as I do prefer to wear Over the knee/knee-high socks or tights on my Medoll so I don’t think this really “affects” me, in a way. Or better said – I don’t have any use for this feature.

If you do ever want to view someone’s feet, just click and hold down.

I’m not a big fan of the stickers or the tattoos. Some of the colours used for the stickers seem a little “cheap” and “tacky”, in my personal opinion. They’re very bright and neon-ish, which isn’t to my personal taste. However I think the designs are very sickly and sweet. I’m not very fond of the tattoos either, as they sit awkwardly on your Medoll’s feet. It just looks strange having a tattoo right in the middle of your foot.

In the near future I might create a nail/feet tutorial. It depends really as I just see it as another Beauty-Mark-type tutorial and obviously I’m more experienced with make-up, but we’ll see.

Overall, it’s okay. It’s nothing new and we’ve seen it all before, but I like the Panda. A lot.





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2 responses to “Feet Feature in Beauty Parlor. Tiptoe Store released.

  1. Ericka

    Thank you for the update. (: It is just a coincidence as I thought yesterday: “Wow, they got nail polish for hands, but how about feet?” I just love that it was released a day after. However, I thought that it was a lack of effort to do the feature because nobody will see the nails in your feet. As I usually use boots or tights, even I always use high heels or shoes that cover my nails. But, it is a nice idea. I would just paint them and decorate them, maybe…it is not like I would dedicate time changing the nail polish of my feet as I do with my outfit, for example. ♥

  2. shewasonceit

    ♥ PANDA ! ♥

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