New Youtube Video & Extras: Beyoncé & Rihanna INSPIRED Stardoll Make-up Tutorial

Unfortunately, I cannot edit and blog at the same time so I made my Youtube video my top priority today. My blog isn’t second best so I decided to create another two tutorials just for here and also to make up for the two month break I’ve had. If anybody didn’t know or didn’t read the description in my last video, then I took a break from my Youtube tutorial making as I had exams and needed to settle into my new subjects.

The tutorial is pretty easy, actually very easy. Nothing too difficult at all in both of the looks except if you find creating winged eye-shadow a tad challenging. I know I always say I dislike creating celebrity tutorials because there’s more than just creating the make-up since there’s the face as well. It’s not going to look exactly like Beyoncé or Rihanna but I tried my best. Reason why I chose these two celebrities was that I received an interesting comment a while back when I was still sitting my exams. This person mentioned that I should create more tutorials for dolls with darkened skin as the majority of mine are for tanned/pale dolls. Which is actually true.

I don’t do this intentionally in all seriousness. Majority of my make-up looks I just create by accident on my own Medoll which is usually pale or tanned so I think that’s why the majority of my looks are based mostly on this.

I hope people aren’t too disappointed with the tutorial.

And so here are the two extras I created especially for the blog. I altered them slightly to make them more “wearable” and I wasn’t looking to create an exact replica.

My work here is done. Now to treat myself to some Chocolate Cake and Häagen Dazs . . 😀





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10 responses to “New Youtube Video & Extras: Beyoncé & Rihanna INSPIRED Stardoll Make-up Tutorial

  1. I sure can do with some Häagen Daz. :3

  2. AliceIzzy454

    Love it! Best tutorial maker ever! Haha I just had a big chocolate belgian waffle with extra melted belgian chocolate on top :L Yummy 🙂 No Häagen Dazs though 😦

  3. ericka

    I like them. What I like the most is that it does not has to be neat and it still looks good. Thanks.. (:

  4. AliceIzzy454

    This was kind of like what the waffle looked like:

    But with more chocolate 🙂

  5. Sabrina

    The totorial was fantastic! :]

  6. Sabrina


    Although I really want tater tots now. xD

  7. Ellie

    it was Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well done lel you’ve done us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Noran.crystal

    Everybody needs some Haagen Dazs in their life x) Keeps the world spinning.

  9. @AliceIzzy454

    Aw Thanks 🐱 Glad to hear you liked the tutorial.
    Ooh sounds nice :3 You don’t have Haagen Dazs? D: D: D: D:

  10. ashleysstar

    Eww those pervs

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