Limited Edition Summer 2011 Collection Released.

I had no idea the collection of Limited Edition was going to be released today.  When Stardoll stated through the e-mail that it would be “released this week” I assumed they meant the weekend, so I was completely unprepared for the collection arriving this afternoon. The Limited Edition collection was released around 2 o’clock (GMT Time) – I was watching Hairspray in Biology by then. Irrelevant information inserted there.

One thing I can say is that this collection, compared to the previous, is slightly more welcoming to the human eyes. I love pastel colours so I think up to date, this collection has been my favourite just due to the colour palette itself. Unlike the “Spring” collection that was released in April, this really says Summer and I love the LE logo this time round.

Very pink and pretty.

What surprised me was the variety of clothing and accessories that were available. Usually everything follows the same theme and with Summer collections it can get very sickly with florals, pinks and yellows etc. Although with this collection there is a wide range of clothing from the quite dark Boa Robe Dress to the pastel lilacs of the Lilac Fringe Purse – yet it all combined into a lovely LE collection.

The items that I think are the massive stand-outs that stole the show are the Cygne Royale Dress and Boa Robe Dress. I think they are just beautiful and Stardoll used an amazing set of colours as well as talented graphic skills to create these magnificent pieces of virtual clothes. Funny how they are the most expensive items.

Cheapest items were the Bikini Bottoms at 20 Stardollars. Most expensive item is the Cygne Royale Dress at 250 Stardollars. Massive difference there.

First items that were sold out were the accessories that were only priced at 30-40 Stardollars – which included the Sunglasses, Pink Flower Wreath, Hair Decoration and Floral Necklace. Decent items at decent prices, they were bound to sell out first. I think almost everyone on Stardoll wants a piece of LE, it’s reminiscent of the real life designer handbags – everyone from each social class wants a piece of it.

To be honest it wasn’t that amazing or great or fabulous, I tend to think that people overrate LE sometimes just because of the hefty prices. They are pretty items but at the end of the day it’s a lot of real life money that paid for these virtual clothes.

This time round I only bought eight items, I definitely know I’m going to wear these pieces in the future because they’re right up my street (i.e. They’re the type of clothes that I like to purchase on Stardoll – and I don’t mean the label).

I hope everyone who wanted to buy something, got there on time.

Final words: The bags this season were gorgeous, so much so that I didn’t want to open them.



FORGOT TO MENTION: I’ll be working on my next tutorial on Friday. I’ve been getting a lot of celebrity requests and as much as I dislike creating them I think I may create a Beyonce & Rihanna tutorial. Reasons will be posted later or whenever. New Spotlight section coming soon but it’s my fault there has been a slight delay.



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10 responses to “Limited Edition Summer 2011 Collection Released.

  1. Glittagal799

    This is my favourite LE collection too, along with the Classy Black theme they had ages ago. I hadn’t joined by then. I would have joined earlier, in, like, Late 2008 – Just to be exact…maybe July-October? – around that time, but for some weird reason, my laptop wouldn’t let me register so…ya know. Anyway, I’ve just made my new favourite outfit with some of the pieces in this collection! ^-^ xoxo

    P.S. I bought the Bel Air Marabou Jacket, the Rose Keyhole swimsuit, and the Flamingo stilettos for a sort of decent price at 220 stardollars, just if anyone wanted to know. 🙂 x

  2. I just love this collection, although it did cost me real life money -.-
    i got there in time to buy the Cygne Royale Dress 🙂
    and i bought nearly all the bags 🙂

  3. Sabrina

    I loved this collection. There was one tanktop I was in love with it was so pretty. Ugh. Why did I let my ss membership run out?

  4. Anonymous

    The collection was amazing and I did buy a few pieces of course however it saddens me that star doll has tampered with my original account there fore I had to buy this collection under my second account ……. I’m not spoiled a brat having a tantrum but a very dedicated consumer whos confused at why stardoll has a million glitches and the staff is so uncaring while we invest our REAL money into their site. The eye candy they provide us with sometimes makes wonder if it’s all just a cute way to distract us while they rip us off .. Sorry but I had to say it.

    Love the post still Lelly you do have a wonderful blog.

  5. Wow, you were able to afford 8 items o.o I only bought one but I’m quite happy with it ^-^ This is probably my favourite LE collection that I have purchased from so far. These are definitely my type of clothes. Typical me, logging on at 6 o’clock GMT and half the close are sold out ¬__¬ Oh well, there’s always next season!

  6. Liz

    I was well prepared for this because I was sick of missing out on every collection.
    I stole my mums laptop, stuck half of my wardrobe in the bazaar and stayed up until midnight for the collection. It was actually quite nice because instead of it coming out at 2am, it came out at around 11:30pm haha.

    I bought what I could afford. I kept selling things throughout the night, so I didn’t really buy many dresses or anything but I don’t really mind. I love the feather items, but they were a bit pricey which made me think again about purchasing them.

    I love this collections and the colours. And I agree, the bags were lovely! 😀

  7. popstarrbaby

    its amazing how the items went by fast the only thing left are 250 dollar items

  8. AliceIzzy454

    I love them! They are my favourite collection so far! The thing is though I had just had my top up a few weeks before and all my money was gone 😦 Managed to get 75 for the shorts and then to my luck I won a competition. 100sd yay! I bought the top to the very right of the bottom page. Almost everything was gone by then 😦 That went so quickly! I got home 2 hours after it came out and nothing was sold out but then I logged off for 10 minutes, came back on and 10 things were gone!

  9. shewasonceit

    This is, by far, my favourite collection.
    I loved the Spring/Summer theme.
    The outfits were gorgeous floral pieces, Spring-y statements.
    I wished I could buy all the pieces, unfortunately, I only had 200 stardollars left, so I purchased a 65 top and a dress.
    I, also, was reluctant to open the gorgeous bags, it’s a shame they disappear!


  10. I’m guessing that by everyone’s positive feedback that this has been a successful Limited Edition collection this season. Stardoll can now rest easy xD. I love reading everyone’s run-up-to-LE-procedures and “The aftermath” stories haha.


    It’s great news that you’ve got your account back (again). You shouldn’t have been left in the dark by staff, there shouldn’t be any reason why they didn’t send you a warning or a notification. Something Stardoll really needs to work on. Thank you ^-^

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