Sneak Peek? Something on the works . .

Stardoll posted this on Twitter today with the words,

“Hello Dollies! Something very exciting in the works… #staytuned”

At first glance, I thought this was some sort of status feature that was going to be uploaded onto Stardoll. Although at closer inspection I can spot the Facebook Blue Bar-thingy at the top. So somehow I think we’ll be able to venture into the world of Stardoll using our Facebook accounts sometime soon, although that is just a complete assumption.

I don’t have a Facebook account (and never will) so this isn’t anything significant for me. Obviously if Stardoll can be played on Facebook then they’ll probably receive a slight members boost if this “game” was ever advertised on the site or basically just through status updates or is wall posts . . . ? I’m clueless.

So that is something to look forward to, I suppose. Stardoll might chuck a few free items in there for just signing in through Facebook. It’s plausible.



The error message on Stardoll keeps appearing (well for me anyways). I don’t know if Stardoll is updating anything – well I certainly haven’t been notified. Usually one click of the refresh button does it for me. Last Chance to buy the Beach Villa and the Pet-a-porter animals have stopped growing for those who do not know. Hint: Check your inbox.

Apologies for all these terrible and dreadful posts these past few weeks. It will start working up again during my Summer Holidays. I’ve missed two weeks of school and because of that I have to catch up on extra work at home so I think I have to put a new Youtube video on hold for now. I’ll stop making promises because it isn’t fair on those who have been waiting for two months and I feel bad basically.

It’s terrible trying to catch up on work in school just in general but I’m finding it a tad bit difficult trying to even get a grasp of two of my subjects since I’ve never taken them before so it’s taking a lot of flipping through my notes etc. In addition to the homework chaos, I’m sitting my piano exam next week so that’s another thing I have to focus on.

So yes, I’m going through a busy week right now so I do apologise if I cannot post regularly, answer a few Guestbook messages, formspring stuff , friend requests and a couple of other bits and bobs.

Forgot to mention: Thank you all for the over 1,100 subscribers. I really do appreciate it and hopefully next month I’ll be able to create a small tutorial. Don’t know what it will be but I still need to check my little Tutorials-to-do list. I am also going to update the Your Views section this week/or next.

Sorry if I bored you there. I ramble on too much, if you haven’t noticed already.


Just a notice: You don’t really need to read anything under the Lel1996 part because that’s just a place for me to put out irrelevant information that has nothing to do with the post in general.


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27 responses to “Sneak Peek? Something on the works . .

  1. AliceIzzy454

    That Baby Po is just too cute to be true…….. I might be going to see confu panda 2 tomorrow because I didn’t make it on monday.

    I have Facebook but I never go on it. Only occasionally if I don’t have credit and want to talk. Stardoll on facebook won’t really be that good but I guess you can talk to your (non-pixelated) friends at the same time giving that most of my friends rarely ever go on stardoll or even have a stardoll account. The only person I talk to on chat is my cousin who got banned from stardoll because she got hacked and people were bullying her on it. That’s all over now though. It shows how some peope love stardoll so much they go on it secretly. I would do the same.
    Ali x

  2. AliceIzzy454

    Okay it’s really messed up now. when I tried to log on it went ‘404 NOT ALLOWED!’ And the doll lover then 404 not allowed and then finally I got on stardoll and clicked messages and it said doll lover thing again. What are they doing????

  3. popstarrbaby

    ikr! the site is having techincal difficulties i hate it thought everytime u click on something it pops up :/

  4. Sabrina

    I really don’t want it connecting with my facebook. Although to even have a facebook account you have to be 13… Why would stardoll want to target a way older group of people. My mom has a facebook…. I really don’t want a bunch of creepy old people to have a Stardoll… Its just strange, I was 8-9 when I discovered Stardoll.

  5. Anonymous

    I think i know, world cup fifa for women




    Lol, just joking everyone, though it is true. I can’t still get on Stardoll and I miss it :<
    How's my doll doing Lel?


  7. aoife1111

    I saw Kung Foo Panda 2 and baby po is so cute|! What piano grade a re you doin, I am finished grade four!

  8. shewasonceit

    I hesitantly made a Facebook account; mainly to link things for my modelling portfolio. I reluctantly signed in and soon got over 200 friend requests from people generally in the same year level as me and attended my school. I soon received perverted friend requests from men around 15-50 years of age. I deleted my account, scared for my welfare and privacy. So when I was cruising through Stardoll and saw money making options, I was offered 10 Stardollars to link my account to Facebook. Throughout my personal experience, I will never join Stardoll again. My friends became bitchy over it and I didn’t like the way it changed them.
    Just my personal opinion.

    – shewasonceit x (:

  9. shewasonceit

    Edit: I will never join FACEBOOK again. ******

  10. Yep everytime i log on facebook the adv. is stardoll with all things like ‘your real talent will come out’ ‘where people prove they have talent’ ‘hang out with all the a-listers’ keeping this game a secret from some people at school, and then seeing it on facebook aint gonna go to well 😦 oh well if anyone asks i dont have stardoll, i dont want to be one of those people with all my school mates on there, i have lauren and lillie but thats IT lol 😀

    i know how it fills i had work from september and doing it in july last year hopefully i wont be like this this year ;(


    _ _A_ _O_ _ O_ _A_E_O O_

  12. shewasonceit

    Lol, I figured out Facebook on the last part of the hint from Stardoll’s twitter.
    Due to the question mark coming from the dolls mouth, I think the dolls mouth will have our latest Facebook posts coming out from it.
    Just my idea.

  13. Glittagal799

    Actually Lelly, You can already go on Stardoll on Facebook! My friend made a facebook account so she could get 10sd, so you really can look at your Stardoll.

  14. @Glittagal799

    I thought that was just connecting your Facebook account to your Stardoll account?
    Just had a look at Stardoll’s Twitter and they posted:

    Yes, it’s true, you can now play Stardoll on Facebook! Give it a try and let us know what you think! #StardollOnFacebook

  15. Glittagal799

    Told ya 🙂

  16. :)

    What ever happened to In the Spotlight section???????????

  17. @:)

    Read the last paragraphs. I have no time D:

  18. howdo i be come superstarbecause iwants some friends to hang with to how do i do it be cause come a star doll members. and how do i become lot of star dollars and boy friend to talk to me come my i doit because sure i want one be super total super star west the me mbers to become super stardoll andand create my owm club there stardoll .comand be come amembers super star.

  19. hmm how3 do it al l should know

  20. hmm want that meannow

  21. Dear Chanzes,
    the answer to all your problems is too shut up.

    I know, my wisdom amazes even me.

  22. shewasonceit


    Due to the spelling and grammatical mistakes I am unable to read most of your question, but you’re not going to get free Superstar, simple as that.

    @Rosie, your wisdom amazes me. 😀

  23. Glittagal799

    @ Chanzes: What I think you’re dealing with now is very stressful, I agree. But STUPIDITY is a disease that spreads around easily and What I think should ease your pain is to just shut up, ok honey?

    @ Rosie: You need to become my new Therapist A.S.A.P!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  24. Its actually started now, on the 24th i got an email so i logged on my facebook and i found out my two cousins thru stardoll facebook where on stardoll and are superstars! if it wasn’t for stardoll facebook and the bit at the bottom i would of never known 🙂

  25. I feel like grabbing Baby PO out of the computer screen, those eyes of his just are so adorable!
    Anyway, Stardoll on Facebook? Well I guess I could see it….. I mean there is other apps like Stardoll on facebook……

  26. why are you posting pictures of my baby! You have no right to post pictures about my Baby Po! I am absoluetly furious!
    And yeah, they’ve already started advertising Stardoll on Facebook. It’s at the side when i am on my apps shooting evil monkeys and stuffs….

  27. @Sarap454

    You should see him eat some radish and bubbles x) For me, he’s officially the cutest thing ever.
    There are dress-up games on Facebook?

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