New Windows on the World Floors: Women’s World Cup.

Personally I am not entirely interested in sports. When saying that, I’m not interested in any sport at all. I like to think of myself as more of an indoors person. Usually when you patch me up in any sports kit something will go terribly wrong. I’ll either whack someone in the face with a racket or I’ll get hit in the face with a football. Well that’s enough of my sporting endeavours . .

It’s plainly noticeable that women’s sports do not get as much coverage in the media as the males. Not for every sporting activity out there but it can be certainly said for football. If you ask any male in my school then they’ll probably know the names of the entire squad in the nation’s football team. Although if you ask them about the female squad then they’d probably have no idea at all. As for me? Well I don’t know either.

It’s an amazing idea to promote Women’s football here on Stardoll. There is football strips from New Zealand to Japan to Canada to Nigeria. Similar to the more known championship – Women’s World Cup is held every four years. This year it is being held in Germany.

For me, I don’t think I would buy anything from these two floors except maybe a pair of socks and a bag. Although that’s just me. Some good news – The majority of items are priced through Starcoins meaning everyone has the chance to buy something. The only Superstar items are the Luxury Sports Bag.

Y’know I’ve been calling this store Windows of the World for ages. Silly me.





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5 responses to “New Windows on the World Floors: Women’s World Cup.

  1. Sabrina

    Hehe.. Football. Sorry I still can’t connect that its soccer, in the states football is an compleatly different game.

  2. shewasonceit

    I, in my opinion, love sport entirely. I long to do sport everyday.
    I am quite athletic but I’m not one who can only rely on their sporting ability to get them through life.
    Personally, I hate the range, it is quite ugly.

  3. theres new updates on the pent house

  4. skittleskiss

    Lol I love sports! Even soccer, oops I mean football! :p

  5. I know how you feel about sports. The only one I like is floorball. No, I love it. Harmless way to vent my anger. I’m good at it, which is good, but my stick always ends up connected to someones thigh, calf or arm – oops! Sudden realization: I actually like sports…. except volleyball, but tennis, athletics and such are fuuun! Ugh, I babble to much. I’ll shut up now.
    About the clothes: hideous.

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