One-Stop Party Rules.

I wasn’t planning on posting tonight just for the same old lame excuses I’ve been splurging up recently.

So I was just earning my Starcoins at this time of night and automatically when I ventured into the Party hall, this appeared.

How lovely.

I know in Stardoll Royalty – and in several discussions I’ve had with others – that members are furious at Stardoll for turning a blind eye towards these sexual orientated parties. So I’m guessing that by introducing this little warning message, that people would stop creating these disgusting social gatherings?

Well when I visited the first page of Open Parties everything seemed to be in moderation and back to normality, but when I visited the next set of pages it was just like people had skimmed right through the rules.

The majority of people who create these little affairs are Non-Superstars, but I can’t imagine paying members risking their accounts. Not only are they on the edge of losing an account that they’ve placed (I’m assuming) a lot of time and effort into building but also their own money.

I can just imagine meeting people on Stardoll who tell me their account was deleted for absolute no reason, when in actual fact they foolishly created one of these little filthy functions just for their own amusement.

Stardoll isn’t that sort of site for these kinds of things, there are a ton of other websites on the internet that appeal to people who are interested in those sorts of get-togethers. If you’re young and curious then I’d suggest you have a discussion with your parents – not with people on Stardoll.

Such a shame that Stardoll couldn’t sieve out these parties but we can only hope for Stardoll to somehow moderate these parties properly sometime soon.





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20 responses to “One-Stop Party Rules.

  1. Lauren

    I’ve noticed a lot of topics about these sort of “get togethers” in clubs also. I really wish stardoll would stop them.

  2. The ones that say something like ‘find your perfect match’ or ‘hot guys and girls’ only are always the ones that are full and the ones that say ‘best Party ever’ or ‘Disco’ nearly always have no people in it. Do stardoll even look at some of those names occasionally. Just because the E in a word was replaced with a pound sign or something. It’s just a waste of time. Dating a virtual doll, seriously?

  3. I have had the exact same concern, and i found a club called Banrudeparties made by bizzybezzy the most annoying thing is that these immature parties are made by pesky little 10 year olds :O.

  4. Sabrina

    Its really stupid. It annoys me when people ‘hook up’ on a virtual doll site. If you want to do that join e-harmony. Stardoll is not meant for that. Its stupid and not to meantion dangerous. Who knows, pedofiles could hang out at those partys and get 10 yearold girls numbers and addresses. Gawh, I sound like my mom. All the people I meet online are 40 year old pedofiles. Although stardoll is a perfect target for that, it is aimed towards young girls. With features like that, there could very likely be a naked old man touching himself on the otherside of the web. Gross. Not to meantion its judged on the way a virtual doll looks. Thats why I really hate it when members call other members ugly. You have no clue how they really look.

    I’m just ranting.. I think I’ll stop now.

  5. Sabrina

    In the USA you have to be superstar to create a party. Unfair. >:[

  6. shewasonceit

    I avoid visiting the general Party area of
    The titles of the parties are pretty self-explanatory towards what you see when you enter. I remember when I was 8 and accidentally entered a party for Bi’s [based on their sexual orientation] and I had no idea what they were talking about and they were asking me to come back dressed naked.
    I totally support people and their sexuality, but I for one do not plaster ‘Straight’ on my Stardoll presentation. I understand it is a struggle for gay people but Stardoll is essentially for Fame, Fashion and Friends.
    I saw my younger sister ask what the word ‘lesbian’ meant as she had been asked if she was one by another fellow member. Disgusting. It’s a shame that many girls exploit one another on a website where they should be learning such things from their parents when they’re old enough to understand what it means and the impact it has on other people and their lives. Possibly, there are older pedophiles on the website pretending to be younger girls. My best friend visited the website Chat-roulette and was exposed by a man, possibly over 40.
    I remember when Stardoll users politely posted shy comments about loving someone’s suite or clothes, not the trolls that visit other users just to irritate and insult them.
    But also that there are many users seriously meaning it and using the internet to have meaningless Internet relations.
    If you want a true relationship through the Internet, use Google or
    And there being many ways to spell swear words being a major nuisance.
    Stardoll clearly implies the one stop rules, so why don’t people follow them. Some people’s ignorance!
    Plus, why would you be as desperate as to find love through a website with children as young as 6 years of age using.
    I, personally, find it hilarious when girls throw themselves over boys [probably girls impersonating guys] who are most likely not very manly if they’re playing Stardoll, I’m quite judgmental.
    Hopefully Stardoll soon come up with a solution to this problem.

    – shewasonceit.
    x (:

  7. Clary

    Haha, a bunch of me and my friends dared each other to join these ‘dirty’ parties. We made one and all went, within a minute we had reached to max members. All because of the title ‘Dirtii S3x party for hawtiis onli!’ Some people who had joined didnt even know that the party was ‘one of them’,. Most people who join cant even spell! Its sad!

  8. Sabrina

    I personally have no problem with gay people. But I do have a strong disagreement with parties for it on Stardoll. Same with people who are straight. In general Stardoll shouldn’t have parties with mature themes. I am all for the right of it. But for people 18 and older. Its illegal for Stardoll to have parties with mature themes with members under the age of 18. Thats why all (most) porn sites ask you if you are 18 and older before you enter.

  9. There is a superstar making these parties ;O

  10. Arry

    It’s actually funny, because when I went in them a few times to see what happens, nothing does, usually. Then a fake he/she comes in and all the sick minded people fight over him/her. X)

  11. Popstarrbaby

    I dont get whats the whole point of agreeing to these rules if ppl break them? In america u hav to be ss im order to host a party and a lot of ss members love to throw “se% parties” or come boys im single etc.. The only normal parties r the ones that say fashion shows not to mention sometimes ppl like to cause drama at parties :/ for no reason probably becaue there bored

  12. I completely agree. It annoys me so much that Stardoll over-moderate certain aspects of the site such as guestbook comments and turn a blind eye at some of the horrendous party titles that you see nowadays. They are getting their priorities completely wrong.

  13. ”500
    Hello Doll-lover!

    Right now we’re updating with new cool features.
    Please retry in a couple of minutes.
    Click here to return to the startpage.”

    It’s coming up again.

  14. @AliceIzzy454

    I was just going to reply to your comment stating that it isn’t happening to me and now it keeps on appearing :L
    I only need to refresh the page once and it just disappears – but it keeps popping back up again.

  15. popstarrbaby

    i just hosted a party not too long a ago and the got something new if u check it out now there not allowing u too use ur own words now u have to use words like the ones u use in broadcating

  16. AliceIzzy454

    I think they might be doing something big but I don’t know. It’s really annoying because I had made a design that took me ages and then when I was going to put it on a t shirt that appeared and it didn’t save. Grr! I made two better ones instead and I’m really happy with them:

    Are you a designer Lel? I haven’t seen anything from you.

  17. shannay

    you should see the party page when australia is active a lot of superstars with these inappropriate parties

  18. icecubeluva

    wow. there’s a ss risking their frekin membershipand monehy by doin that

  19. AliceIzzy454

    Good news Lelly! Now parties can’t have any names just like broadcasting. Only using set words 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    now they have made words for u to put on to the party name but it still doesnt work it still says things like
    if u want me come get me
    im bored…
    and loads more its just sick and disgusting