New Starpoints Award Rooms & Yet Another Offer . .

I wrote the title last night and forgot to complete the post. Silly me. Nah, I was just knackered.

I just have a feeling Stardoll introduced these new Starpoint rewards just to crush the discontent among the Non-Superstars in relation to the new rooms. Although it does make sense to boost the amount of rooms available to Non-Superstars if the Superstars have the chance to purchase extra.

Hopefully this will give Starpointers more to look forward to although the thought of receiving a new hairstyle (for me) always eclipses the other rewards. Possibly the 2000 and 4000 Starpoint rewards are my favourites – just the excitement of reaching those targets and logging into Stardoll in the early hours of the morning just to open my Starpoint Package really brings back good memories. I don’t know if it’s because more hairstyles have been added to our Beauty Parlor’s, but it just isn’t like that any more. Or maybe it’s the fact I’ve gotten older. I guess, it’s a combination of factors.

Stardoll are churning out offers by the pound. By just reading the message, I’m not convinced enough to even consider buying more Stardollars or Membership. The freebies look average and there’s no other benefits. Just not the same as the ol’ Code Dresses from a few years back. The dresses were just so desirable at the time that whenever a new message came through my dolly post – I’d be topping up my phone without a single thought. I used to collect them but that eventually led to the disappearance of my rares. The things these messages can do . . 🙂





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5 responses to “New Starpoints Award Rooms & Yet Another Offer . .

  1. Bella

    I got to 2000 points, but I didn’t get a new room. I made my account long ago and I received 4 rooms at that time, could it be because of that that I won’t receive another room? Thanks

  2. I take it that you’re a Non-Superstar? I have no clue 0.0 so best to contact Stardoll themselves.

  3. ericka

    @ Bella

    Yes, I was gonna post that it was really disappointing to old members of Stardoll. Those rewards are worthless for really old members of Stardoll that are non-SS because you do not receive any new room. The new rooms are just available for the second floor…they should give away for the third floor to old members. I actually did not noticed the change till I read this and ran to my Starpoints page because nothing really happened in my suite. : /

  4. Shauna xx

    I’ve been a member since 2008 🙂 I thought I’d get a 5th room but reading above helped alot thnx :)xx

  5. I was very disappointed when I didn’t get the room It’s unfair. :[

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