111,111,111 Stardoll Members.

Biggest headline on Stardoll today: They’re all free.

What I find amusing is that these free items are far better than the 100 Million merchandise. Finally, something that isn’t stamped with “111,111,111 MILLION MEMBERS” and “I (HEART) STARDOLL” blazoned across the chest.

It looks classy, very simple and doesn’t over do it. I hope Stardoll keep a note of this for the next big benchmark. I wouldn’t wear the dress – although possibly in the future – but you could make a great outfit with it – if you had the right accessories. It’s just not one of those dresses that you want to over-do. It should stand in its own right. Layering might compliment the dress.

It would be great if we actually celebrated 123,456,789 members. Just me? Yeah . . Thought so.

Well it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

The last dress is from the Couture Tribute. Collectors won’t be happy cookies. I was actually going to buy that dress a while back in someone’s Starbazaar for over 60 Stardollars. Thankfully I didn’t. It’s nice to give others opportunities to own sought after items but it loses its value completely. I’m sure when it was released in Starplaza it was about 30-50 Stardollars in which paying members happily paid for and now their giving it away for free for new paying members? It’s a strange world. I think Stardoll should have just designed a new dress because this will just ruffle a few member’s feathers.

I won’t be trying to sell any of my items (because I don’t) or buying membership just for the sake of these free items. The sole purpose of these little offers is to try and persuade members to buy from the company, but it just isn’t working for me.

Forgot to mention – Summer Pass will be leaving us soon. I strongly recommend if you are willing to spend real life money on Stardoll that you take this offer while you can – due to the fact of the extra membership which would save you money in the long-term.



Apologies for boring posts. I might blog about my trip to LA tomorrow. I also might start on my next Youtube tomorrow, but I say a lot of things. As I said in my long break post – I’m just trying to kick out of the habit of thinking I need to post every day and every single time there’s an update. My writing abilities have gone down the drain since I haven’t been at school for over two weeks. It happens to everyone. I make a lot of excuses. I honestly do.

The blog will pick up the pace once I’m into my holidays which is sometime in early July.

When thinking about it, I should really make another Things That Annoy Me on Stardoll. . Part 4 on the horizon? Perhaps . .



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19 responses to “111,111,111 Stardoll Members.

  1. Liz

    Or maybe it was.
    Oh gosh I think I am going blind…

  2. Hahaha. I can’t say.


    I have magical cookies.

  3. Oh damn.
    My computer can’t fiind Stardoll.com for some reason!
    Thats why I havn’t been on in ages.

    Every single other website works and stardoll doesn’t. What kind of cruelty is this?

    Lol, just don’t read my comments. They’re stupid.

    xx. Rosie

    P.S Hope you had a great time in America Lelly 🙂

  4. Sabrina

    I don’t like the fact that they are making my dress worthless. I was selling that dress just a week ago when I was superstar. Now I can’t get 100sd for it. It was from the Chanel Tribute store. A few months ago some girl offered me 300sd just for one of the bags.

    I agree Stardoll should just make new clothes.

  5. I got the middle dress and shoes even though I’m not superstar cos I made a scarf x] It’s a dress from the just cavalli tribute and the shoes are from sonia rykiel 😀 I love the shoes :3

  6. Lucy

    I’m so glad I just sold my couture dress 😀

  7. It loses its value when you get it for free like this. I got 5 free Chanel dresses. And imagine how many pink dresses that designers get. All will be in storage for me at the moment.

  8. AliceIzzy454

    I have about 5 of them as well. I might leave them in storage and then in a few months time I will sell them and they might be worth something then. Sneaky tactic 😛

  9. hello kan ja lägger grtis saker

  10. gogogoji

    For the Summer Pass, (It’s $11.95 for me in the US), $11.95 EVERY month or for all three months?

  11. @Gogogoji

    All three months – one big payment.

  12. @AliceIzzy454
    I’ll probably do that as well. But look when Stardoll is going to be overloaded with 500 stardollar Chanel dresses and Couture Dresses :L

  13. And here is a picture of a something Lel :]


    Hope you like it. I found it while checking my email.

  14. gogogoji

    Ok thanks. one more question…In which countries do you have to send out multiple texts? In America?

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry out of topic but Lel is confu panda two really good because I might be going to see it tomorrow. Thanks

  16. That was me sorry I forgot to write my name and stuff 🙂

  17. Chelsea (:

    lol your wish came true! we are celebrating 123,456,789 million members on stardoll! xD

  18. Hahaha xD Seems like 111,111,111 was last year.

  19. AliceLuvsWonderland

    Well, they did give gifts for 123,456,789…
    The outfit is nice, well at least better for me than the 1 for 111,111,111 =)
    My username is *** add me!

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