New Versus Tribute Released

I absolutely love the Tartan items and especially the keyhole dress. The outfits are very cute and preppy but the black lining on some of the items really give it an edge. Obviously the prices makes you take a double take but there are some items that I think are definitely worth the large sum just because they’re so wearable.

Usually with items from Tribute stores or Limited Edition collections – and especially with Hotbuys – the one item can just be the entire outfit. That isn’t what I look for in buying any expensive item these days. I mean sure, you can add a small clutch and a pair of shoes but then it just becomes a tad unoriginal and slightly boring. When looking for an expensive stand-out item, look for something that you can dress with multiple accessories. I can clearly see this with the last two dresses in Versus on the first floor.

When I read the Skyscraper Skirt I had a wee chuckle to myself. No doubt after the Versus items will be available to be sold in Starbazaar there will be a lot of misinterpreted Bazaar advertisements going around.

The cheapest item is the Tartan Tie Belt at only 10 Stardollars, while the most expensive item is the Twister ColorBlock Dress at 40 Stardollars. A big difference but obviously there is the excuse and that being that it is a Tribute store.

Overall I think this is a such a refreshing Tribute store – a big difference from the previous collections we’ve seen in the past but very reminiscent of DVF for me. It’s nice to have all cute floral prints and chic pastel tones clutches from the likes of the Chanel and Just Cavali tributes but I think Stardoll are really trying to cater for all fashion needs here.

I’m just not a big fan of the Sequin items. They don’t remind me of sequins and seem a little tacky – but that’s just me.





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4 responses to “New Versus Tribute Released

  1. To be honest I don’t really like any of it. I’m not really into that kind of style. Too much like those styled outfits that are usually ugly and always the same.

  2. Liz

    I don’t mind some of the tartan prints although ad you said, the prces really make do a double take. I love the tartan bag and the green tartan top and the end, and I also adore the transparent black blouse on the other page.

    Sequins don’t do it for me either – mainly because the don’t look like sequins. They actually look pretty cheap to be honest and remind me of some little preppy floral print lol.

    I think the shoes were better in YSL but this is still a massive step forward.

  3. Popstarrbaby

    I really did wish they had made the clothes a little nicer not thrilled on spending 40 dollars on the dress I bought 😡

  4. shannay

    I love the second mannequins shoes and the 3rd mannequins dress all these designs are a lot more interesting then a lot of the other tributes

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