New Suite Rooms & Password Warnings.

I’m seriously not bothered by this. This is – after all – optional and I don’t think anybody would be really interested in buying these rooms unless Suite decorating is what they enjoy most. The prices are extremely high but Stardoll possibly knows that the majority of the big suite decorators are willing to spend a large amount of real life money online. I don’t think this is targeted at everyone and there’s nothing really to it – nothing to whine and moan about here.

If you wanted all the rooms available on Stardoll you would have to spend 893 Stardollars which is an enormous amount of money just to pay for 14 virtual rooms.

While I was updating my password (never realised how uncomfortable it would be discussing this topic), this warning appeared.

Wow Stardoll. You’ve impressed me today. I hope people actually read it as so many naive and vulnerable members have fallen for the “I’m an Employee of Stardoll” hack and the “Callie.Stardoll is my sister” lie and the “Add Callie on MSN” scandal. It’s ridiculous.

The quarantine idea is just brilliant although I change my password just about everyday I’m online so – to everyone – you have to make sure you plan to change your password when it is convenient as you don’t want to have your account in quarantine for the majority of the time.

I changed my password and tried to sell an item and it actually worked. There must be other features of Starbazaar that will be blocked I guess.

Password making is fun because you can just make up a whole load of mumbo jumbo (that’s easy to remember). I’m weird like that. Try it someday.



Sorry for boring posts today – my excuse is that I’m tired 🙂



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14 responses to “New Suite Rooms & Password Warnings.

  1. Liz

    Yeah, you are weird like that.
    But I like the quarantine idea, smart thinking Stardoll ;D

    I should probably change my password 0_____0

  2. cherooo one tree fave

    Wowzers i lie it when people use “mumbo jumbo” just play it over and over in ur head its like an orchestraa… not really i like that post and i think that it should stay as every month you are super star you get a new room instead of … 99 stardollars for a bunch of rooms that are less awesome than beach villa i really want beach villa… sorry out of the topic

  3. Popstarrbaby

    This is koo finally im guessing there listening to ppl now its very important that they put this on this site soo ppl wont choose the wrong password and the thing about having more rooms ia pretty lame since they didnt take the beach villa not to long ago..

  4. Aliceizzy454

    Lel this is out of topic but I was looking at another blog and there was a poll for 85 sd thing. It was make up and everyone was wearing blue. I voted. Later on I was looking at some of your old YouTube videos and I realised that the one I voted for in the poll was you! Lol. I think it was anyway :p

  5. Misseyelashes

    Aliceizzy454@ The blog was Usd I voted for Lelly too 😀

  6. Snooki.pixie...

    Hi Lel!
    I know how much you love pandas, and I was doing a project for school about them when I found this amazingly cute picture:
    Hope you like it ;b

  7. @Liz

    Change it now before the hackers get into your account!!!!!! Haha xD
    It is seriously fun just placing random words and numbers together, I find it an enjoyable past time thank you very much 😀

  8. @Snooki.pixie…

    OH MY GOSH IT’S SOOOO CUTE AHHHHH ^-^ I would just love to pick it up and give it a good squeeze.
    You’re doing a project about pandas for school? I’m so jealous x) Good luck with your project! I’m sure you’ll do excellently.

  9. @AliceIzzy454

    Yes that’s mine. I posted my Ocean Breeze look into the USD Make-up competition x) I already had it saved on my picture folder so I thought “Why not?” haha ;D
    Thanks for voting for me lol xD I appreciate it.

  10. @Misseyelashes

    Thanks for voting for me haha 🙂
    Not really hoping to win – Number 3 is far better than mines.
    It was just so convenient that the theme was Water and my last Youtube video had the look titled Ocean Breeze x)

  11. Liz

    Oh don’t worry, I already did xD
    I find it hard to memorise a random number that isn’t my phone number which is annoying lol. Screw you, memory!

  12. Snooki.pixie...

    oh, thanks Lel, my project is for science, we had to do a project about a specie that is threatened and I chose the panda… So far, so good xb
    Ps.:Sorry about my english… I’m portuguese not english x)

  13. aoife1111

    Umm, I think it is a good idea, but I haven’t even finished with the rooms I already have 😦 Also, I don’t mean to be rude but you said that you pay 893 for 14 more rooms but you can only buy 10.

  14. @aoife1111

    Beach Villa and Penthouse adds an additional 4 rooms and 398 stardollars (:

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