Summer Blowout is back.

The Summer Blowout is back. Yay. Is anybody genuinely excited? Didn’t think so.

Now the Blowout is available to everyone . Non-Superstars are included.

Rules that were posted.

  • Shop as usual in Starplaza & Suiteshop to fill the gift-o-meters! (NOT StarBazaar)
  • The gifts will automatically show up in your suite once you’ve reached the limits
  • The purple meter with 5 gifts will fill up when shopping with Starcoins
  • The golden meter with 10 gifts will fill up when shopping with Stardollars
With these Spend-as-much-as-you-can-and-earn-rubbish-free-items deals it means that the majority of members are going to be spending more than they usually do which means more money for Stardoll when everyone has to buy a refill for Stardollars – I think that’s how it works out.

I’m not going to spend 350 Stardollars just to get a ellow ordinary dress and all the other Superstar freebies. Neither am I going to spend 1000 Starcoins to receive a pair of yellow heels just for the sake of it.
I’ll spend as much as I normally do and if I receive a couple of free items along the way then that’s fine with me. I wouldn’t like to go waste all my Stardollars for these items because honestly, they aren’t that great.
The only Stardollar items I like are Numbers 3 & 8. Starcoin item number 4 only stands out to me.
Visit the Blowout Page:
You can easily visit your own with a click of a button, little scale located below your avatar.



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7 responses to “Summer Blowout is back.

  1. Spend-as-much-as-you-can-and-earn-rubbish-free-items hehe

  2. im deleting my mates as well only the people i like will be there 😀

  3. I remember the Summer Blowout last year. The offers were ridiculous and it seems the same this year. Most of the clothes aren’t nice. It just makes me laugh at the extent Stardoll will go to with these offers. Quite obviously a ploy to get more members buying Stardollar top-ups o.o’

  4. Popstarrbaby

    Stardoll sure luves money… the clothes r lame :/

  5. Liz

    Any new ideas Stardol? No, no? Okay then…
    It’s the same every season. Gift-o-meters. Freebies that you actually have to pay for. I’m getting a bit tired if it to be honest, I want some new, creative ideas that will make me want to do things like spend an obscene amount of money. :/

  6. The prizes should be like rares or DKNY or something like a tribute.

  7. (Finally made a wordpress account, wanted to a while ago, but didn’t have the time)

    I agree completely with Liz.
    And, if they want our stardollars/starcoins at least make the clothing worth it. Whats the point of freebies you have to pay for, its like I don’t have enough of most of Stardoll’s ugly “freebies” in my storage.

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