Pet-a-Porter Dogs have now grown.

UPDATE: Just got this through my Dolly mailbox.

Such a shame Callie never sent a message, they’re something I look forward to.

The majority of dogs seemed to have growth spurt in their ears. Very droopy. Majority of the dogs look slightly unhappy.

Well it hasn’t been the best growth stage, I have to admit. Nothing has really changed – they’ve just grown slightly. I think the Afghan has had the best design stage this time round. It even looks like it has been to the Doggy Salon and got a wee trim and a slight bowl cut.

Bishy has always  been a happy dog. I prefer this stage than to his previous, he looked like he had pigtails beforehand. Seems like he’s put on weight. Someone has been raiding the kitchen cupboard.

Noodles is so adorable! Those big soulful eyes pull strings in my heart. I wish I had a Chow chow. I think Noodles has had better stages throughout in comparison to the other dogs, but that’s just my own opinion.

The stages are soon going to stop – dogs cannot grow forever. This just really makes me want to play Nintendogs on my old DS. Honestly.

We shall be seeing the Exotic animals grow soon. Out of all three collections the Exotics have had the best graphics, lets hope Stardoll doesn’t let us down. Overall this set has been okay but nothing special and the dogs haven’t been developed dramatically. Nothing significant.



Reason why I am posting so early this afternoon is because I’m on Study Leave. Reasons why these two posts were really short is because I need to revise. Although Art is really one of those subjects that you can’t honestly study for – like English Close Reading.



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8 responses to “Pet-a-Porter Dogs have now grown.

  1. Sabrina

    I think they all turned out pretty well. I love dogs.

  2. shannay

    I love the labrador probably because i have on in real life although i’m disappointed they didn’t put and flab on the labrador because i know there such vaccuums owning one 😉


    the blog copied again but from a graphic person chloe-99

  4. Which blog copied? O.O
    I know she writes for USD but they only ever add a couple of sentences maximum so I don’t see how any of us could copy each other. Plus I am not a graphic designer so it couldn’t be that either?

  5. :/

    well the blog that copied ur panda post i think copied chloe-99 graphics i saw her comment that on one of the copied graphics cause you know she has a graphics blog????

  6. skittleskiss

    Thanks Lel! Have an awesome time on your trip!

  7. skittleskiss

    Thanks Lel! Have an awesome time on your trip! Hugs- Kenzie!

  8. @Skittlekiss

    Aw Thanks ^-^ I will do, I just hope people can understand our accents haha.

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