Starcoins to Stardollars . . Coming soon.

And only for Superstars . .

I suppose it would be worthless to make it available for everyone.

Members of the Royalty club have been suggesting this for a while now. Thinking about it, I think they’ve been requesting for this kind of feature since the Starcoin system was first introduced.

Still better than the old system because now Superstars can earn up to 124 Stardollars a month, instead of the original 70.

I think I’ll be definitely using this feature when it is released tomorrow but I wouldn’t go converting all my Starcoins at once – just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Can be found at My Account beneath the Stardollars to Starcoin conversion box.



UPDATE: Now it shows how many Stardollars and Starcoins in your Suiteshop. This was probably updated because of the Full-screen feature.



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14 responses to “Starcoins to Stardollars . . Coming soon.

  1. Its a great ided πŸ˜€

  2. Mrs.JJordison β™₯ Venom

    ZOMG Thank you for telling me this, Lel. I just posted the link in my club!

  3. shannay

    yes stardoll may of listen to me i contacted them about making a 2 way currency converter but tthey replied with no sorry but they changed there flow πŸ˜€

  4. Anonymous

    is it just me that already has this feature? :/

  5. @Anon

    No. That was Stardollars to Starcoins.

  6. Glittagal799

    OMG I just found out and I love it!!!

  7. Tinkerbellrox81

    Well, I was just about to convert my Starcoins into Stardollars today, but it turns out that it will be available in 13 days. Wasn’t it just available yesterday!? I guess they’re updating it or something…

  8. @Tinkerbellrox81

    I think you’re only allowed to convert every fortnight and that’s why it says available in 13 days :s

  9. mine won’t let me change my starcoins to stardollars (i am a superstar)
    it says “14 days left” do you have any idea of whats wrong with it please

  10. @Nornan.crystal

    You can only convert Starcoins to Stardollars once every 14 days.

  11. Amy

    You might not be able to convert it all the time,but I haven’t converted them at all and it still says “Available in 10 days”. Count up maybe? Every blog could be like ” 10 MORE DAYS!” and then “9 MORE DAYS”. That would be awkward…

  12. Popstarrbaby

    Cant wait till im able to use it mine says 10 days and I have soo far 751 $tarcoins even though the maxmium is only 500 :/

  13. Amy

    Isn’t It 1000 Starcoins?? Can’t wait,9 days left…!

  14. Anonymous

    hey hy hey uts fred!

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