New Stardoll Feature: Fullscreen Suite Mode

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Full Screen Preview

Ever wish you could see every detail of your Suite? To make your Suite as large as your computer screen?  Now you can view your Stardoll Suite in Full Screen mode! 

Simply click on the Full Screen button at the bottom right hand corner of your Suite (located just above your Save Suite button).  And when you’re done viewing it in Full Screen mode, click the button again, or press ESC.

Modern and convenient!

Well I’ve had a little browse through this new feature and three words:  A bit slow.

First room I went to visit was my main room with the wardrobe. The room contains 292 items and it took just under half a minute to load. Imagine how long it would take to load a room with over 1000 items? It is very common among large Suite decorators and I’m sure this update was targeted at themselves.

It looks exactly the same in full-screen mode, just a bit enlarged that’s all. Which I guess is a good thing.

Other than that this full-screen mode was perfectly fine, I don’t think I’ll be using it in the future though since I am clearly not big on decorating my Suite. It isn’t entirely full-screen as there is a long stripe of white at the bottom but I suppose Stardoll had to make sure everything was in proportion.




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One response to “New Stardoll Feature: Fullscreen Suite Mode

  1. Liz

    Should be good for high quality scrrenshots but that’s really about it for me. I don’t need my suite 24 inches big to be honest, although I’m curious to see what it looks like that large ;3

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