Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Store Released

It’s been so long since a Tribute store has been released that I have forgotten how expensive the items were. I’m actually finding it terribly difficult to find something interesting to say about this store because all in all – I don’t like it. It’s boring, it’s bland and not a great tribute. Nothing wrong with the graphics – they’re lovely – but the majority items are just dreary, dull and boring.

I like the accessories such as the Belts and Bronze Cuff and also the little clutch bags but that’s about it. Maybe a pair of high heels but nothing honestly stands out for the right reasons.

I don’t know what Stardoll were even thinking when they released the Tweed-like Embroidered Blazer. It seriously looks like what those Middle-class elderly women wear to brunch in those awful high-class TV dramas except they wear the classic Chanel suits. If someone can actually make a properly decent outfit of it then I’ll give you a big pat on the back.

I do sort of like the look of the halter tops and the jumpsuit but I don’t like them so much so that I would buy them straight away.

The cheapest item which is the Bronze Cuff at the price of 11 Stardollars. While the most expensive item is the Structured Fitted Skirt at 37 Stardollars – surprisingly enough it is one of the poorest items in the entire collection (in graphical terms). Obviously if these were ordinary clothes in the Starplaza and did not have the YSL label on them then I doubt the response would be so popular. The “limited time” factor always ties in.

UPDATE: Cheapest item is the Punch Pink Belt at 10 Stardollars. Thanks to AliceIzzy454 for correcting my mistake.

I would have just loved it if Stardoll created a Tribute make-up store. The YSL brand is known for their make-up range, I still use my YSL Dessin du Regard Eyeliner almost every day. It breaks the bank slightly but incredibly worth it. MAC on the cards any time soon Stardoll? A girl can dream.

So my overall thoughts? Not buying anything . . . for the now . . 🙂



Just to clear things up with the Chat box – if I’m offline then obviously I won’t reply. I do reply back when I am online. Please consider the time difference between you and myself before you start shouting verbal abuse at me. Calm down and take a deep breath kids. Oh and I’m sorry for closing my Guestbook to friends only yesterday, I thought it had reverted back to normal but obviously not.



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8 responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Store Released

  1. I thought there was a belt for 10sd

  2. Oh yes you are right, I’ll go change it. Thank you (:

  3. Sabrina

    I don’t like it.
    I haven’t ever really liked any of the stores.
    Well actually, thats a lie. I liked the Chanel one ok. Or maybe my omg it’s Chanel mind kicking in. But I bought all the purses from there and a dress which I have now decided I don’t like and is currently for sale (Over priced of course). xD

  4. Glittagal799

    I hate the whole thing. A few clutches but that’s probably it. This is the WORST store in the history of worst stores that Stardoll has created. It looks like a 1950’s collection for 40-50 year olds.

  5. Liz

    The clothes look like the kind of things that little Johnny would pull out if Grannys dresser to play dress-ups in. Yeah. Not really my style…
    I think they could’ve done better on the graphics, especially on that big blue dress thing on the second page. For tribute stores they should be top notch fir the price we pay.

    I like the shoes, a couple of the belts and accessories although it adds up to such a hefty price that in the end it puts me off. I think I bough the gold cuff and a pair of shoes… I’m a goldfish, don’t judge me! D:
    Lol I think I just remembered that goldfishies were proven to have decent memories. Probably better than mine hah.

  6. I only really like a couple of things: The pearlized clutch (If it were cheaper) ,The high-waisted jump suit is alright but it goes too far over the feet and is way to far over-priced even for a tribute.

  7. Popstarrbaby

    I only bought one outfit and thats the orange top with the skirt the accesories r probably nicer the bags r nice just too $$pricy than the clothes but really I hate that stardoll dosent make such nice outfits like it used too if I could rate this store it would only be 2/5 stars

  8. see_my_bling

    It’s obvious that Glittagal799 knows nothing about fashion.

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