Stardoll Summer Pass. New Starcoin Tasks.

So the 2011 Summer Pass has been released. I forgot to post about it earlier.

It is relatively worth the money. In the UK it costs £8 for 3 months and 333 Stardollars and that’s got a lot more value than the usual options. Sure we’re not receiving a lot of Stardollars but it saves everyone topping up for three months. I hate going through the lengthy procedure at the end of every single month to top up – it’s irritating to say the least.

You can pay with Credit Card, Mobile Phone and Paypal. There was some confusion yesterday on some blog when someone made a post about how Stardoll were “stealing our money” when the writer didn’t realise that – in some countries -in order to receive the Summer Pass you had to send out multiple texts.

As well as getting the nice membership and stardollar package from Stardoll, you also receive 15 free gifts.

*Half of Lel not included*

I favour the Decor items and the Interior than to the clothes – which to me are a bit of a let down. They’re nice and all but I don’t think the Metallic Dress and Dark Boots really reminds me of “Summer”. The airplane is pretty cool and I really like the design of the holey screen – although I don’t really see the practical point in having an almost bare screen, but it’s something pretty and decorative.

I love the colours of the Interior, when I seen it in the spoilers I thought it was going to compliment the Beach Villa but obviously not. Other than that, the items were a bit of a hit and miss for me but the entire Summer Pass deal is of good value and if you are willing to spend a large lump of money on Stardoll then I’d recommend buying it.

*Forgot to post this the other day as well*

There is now three new tasks to earn Starcoins. Pretty easy ones like Play a Game and Dress-up a Celebrity Doll. The game I’d always recommend to play is Gardening as it only last for 2 minutes maximum and to dress-up as a celebrity is easy. Just click Save as soon as you reach the doll’s dress-up page. To create your own dress-up doll costs 8 Stardollars so it’s definitely not worth spending that amount of money just to earn 3 Starcoins – I’d recommend doing other tasks. Link below of my Starcoin Guide.



Sorry today I’m just not in a blogging mood. It’s one of those days where you log into Stardoll a happy chappy and then several irritating discussions between people take place and it just irks me. Some people just do not take hints or are just immature. Only thing productive I’ve really done is shorten my friends list from 21 pages to 12 – woohoo. I’d recommend in doing so because it shortens the amount of Covergirl/Sale Spam in your Chat and I seriously did not talk to everyone my friends list.



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11 responses to “Stardoll Summer Pass. New Starcoin Tasks.

  1. lol @ “Half of Lel not included” x]

  2. cheril135

    lol thats funny

  3. I’m sure if it came with half of Lel it would cost a lot more than £8.

  4. haha i dont have the guts to delete it hehe 🙂

  5. @Laurenhorse

    To deleted what?

  6. @AliceIzzy454

    Well to my calculations half of my entire outfit (including make-up and accessories) is worth 173 Stardollars. My hairstyle is Superstar and so is my skin tone so to add the cheapest membership deal is £2.50 as well as the £5 Stardollar package to pay for the outfit (250 Stardollars)- half of Lel would total up to £7.50 Just under £8 hahaha.

  7. cheril135

    well you have been on stardollfor longer than a longish time so htats worht 100 of what ever people in britain use?? LOL my money sign is $ CHA CHING!

  8. True, you do have the value of half of your starpoints, half of the money spent on your account in total, and an extra 15% for blog&youtube channel popularity.
    Yup, that should do it lol

  9. Danielle

    Hmm, I didn’t buy the Summer Pass yet I got all the gifts. Suspicious.

  10. @Danielle

    Perhaps you spent over the required amount of money for the Summer Pass in top ups?

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