New PPQ Floors in Starplaza

Two new PPQ floors have been released today and I personally prefer these two floors than to the previous ones. I love the Orange Romper and the Breton Striped Shorts. The only thing that I find a little off-putting is the big dresses. It’s probably just because I’m wearing the wrong hairstyle or something of the sort but they are quite unflattering. If someone were to layer and accessorise them properly them I’m sure they would look great – but on their own it seems a bit too much for over 30 Stardollars.

The Tiered Black Coat really caught my attention and I would see it as a must-have just because it would suit so many different dark outfits and it’s the stand-out piece of the entire floor. The Cut Out dress is another stand-out item but I’m not too keen on the colour (Just my personal taste). The Golden Bucket Bag is adorable and looks so luxurious but it has a heavy price tag of 24 Stardollars.

The most expensive item that has been released is the Web Multi-coloured Romper at 35 Stardollars and the cheapest is the Berry Fez Hat at 10 Stardollars – always reminds me of Doctor Who.

Overall the graphics look great but the prices are quite high and especially now that the Beach Villa has been released, but I suppose it is based on a real life brand – that’s always an excuse to bump up the pennies.



Just a quick note – apologies for all the boring posts recently, I really don’t have enough time to make my usual Rants/My Views posts but when exams are over I promise I will make Things That Annoy Me Part 6. I have been building up a list for ages and it’ll just be bliss to vent. As well as my two remaning exams I’m hoping to finish my painting by Friday so that’s my main focus right now so sorry if I’m not replying to all your comments on here and on Stardoll, I will get round to doing it all when I have more time.

Thank you everyone for being so patient and actually sticking around, I truly appreciate it.



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25 responses to “New PPQ Floors in Starplaza

  1. misseyelashes

    ;] I agree with the big coat/dress ,umm, thing.

  2. I wasn’t sure what it was either until I read the label haha x)

  3. misseyelashes


  4. I love you Lel!

    Hey did you know that there was a camera option in the beauty parlor?????

  5. Yup it’s a real brand. PPQ Of Mayfair. Go and look on web, their clothes are amazing ❤ Stardoll draw the dresses, clothes etc from the picture for Stardoll I think

  6. OMG, a fez.
    So want it!
    Fingers crossed for a Tardis.

    xx. Rosie

  7. @I love you Lel!

    Erm . . thank you very much whoever you are :L
    Yeah I just seen the Official Stardoll Blog post about it. I don’t think I’ll be posting about it today since I’ve got my Chemistry exam tomorrow and painting as well.

  8. @CarrieNissondorf

    Yeah, I’ve never really liked PPQ though. Strange how the whole ideal of Stardoll Real Brands has gone out the window slightly, not like the old DKNY days.

  9. @Rosejeansd

    That would be amazing x) I can’t wait for this whole River Song kahoodle to get over a done with -.-

  10. .Jhudora

    I love the windswept coat, though I was hacked yesterday, and only left me 36 -.- What did you felt when you’re hacked, and lost all your rares, lel?

  11. love the chat on ur blog side 😀

  12. misseyelashes.

    Chat on blog? :O Must be new.

  13. @.Jhudora

    Oh my gosh you were hacked 0.0? How did that happen?
    Mostly I felt empty, my Scuba and the rest of my DKNY were the only things that really kept me on Stardoll and they were just gone in a matter of minutes. Angry at Stardoll because they did nothing to help me on any level but it was my own fault any ways. A whole mixture of feelings really but mostly empty and literally upset.
    You know you hear about hackings and things all the time and it does make you think for a while but when it happens to you it’s just not what you expected at all.
    I seriously hope you can regain all your lost stardollars and clothes back soon.

  14. @Laurenhorse

    I don’t even know how to properly work it. I don’t think it’s like one of those ordinary chat things since your messages only appear to me o.o
    I’m still getting my head around it haha.

  15. .Jhudora

    Oh, It’s a good thing that I managed to save a few hotbuys (they’re from last year and some old ones) and yes, I felt so empty that the clothes I bought from the day I began to be a superstar were gone in just secondes, I was furied, but I am sad that I wasn’t the only one this girl hacked, but a lot of others -.-

  16. Aliceizzy454

    I can’t get onto stradoll, hi doll-lover again. But i have been trying for ages but still not working 😦

  17. Aliceizzy454

    It’s finally working 🙂 phew.

  18. haha everytime i say something then click on another plage it disapears

  19. Aliceizzy454

    Lel look at this:

    I know it’s just a mistake but stardolalrs seriously? That really needs to be fixed.

  20. BeckyPecky

    is it weird, i saw the fez and came right here to see if you posted a comment about it?:L

  21. Anonymous

    @ aliceizzy454

    Haha, Stardoll is just FULL of little hiccups, I wonder how they even have over one hundred million members!

  22. haha, anonymous was me by the way

  23. @AliceIzzy454

    I know, I saw it when I first logged in yesterday.

  24. @Amberzzz

    So they have a few glitches here and there. Doesn’t change anything. All websites have them, Xbox games have them and even the daily newspaper that I read everyday has spelling errors.

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