New Suite Updates

So to accommodate the new Beach Villa update Stardoll has rearranged our Suite Tab layout.

Now the Recycle, Camera and Save in Album features are at the bottom of the tab in a neat row. This seems more fitting and also a little bit more productive. That’s the only drastic change, along with the miniature Suite layout. At first I thought my Penthouse had disappeared – until I clicked on the title My Suite 

Now the Penthouse and also the new Beach Villa are separated from our ordinary rooms. It’s more of a hassle but it only takes two small clicks to get there.

On the note of the Beach Villa – I’ll post about it later tonight. Stuff to do. Unsure whether to buy it or not. 

Along with the changed Suite tab layout there is a new feature which Stardoll likes to call “Drag and Drop”. This is where you can take any item in one room and transfer it into another without the hassle of placing it on your Medoll and then switching rooms.

The item turns transparent when it is about to be moved. Example shown with Mr.Panda

These aren’t big drastic changes but make our Suites a lot more convenient and making things slightly more quicker. People in Royalty have been discussing the idea of making our Medolls walk but wasn’t Stardoll build upon the idea of Paperdolls? I don’t think Paperdolls have the ability to walk . . . plus it would become like something along the lines of Club Penguins expect we aren’t multi-coloured penguins. That would be a lovely sight to see haha.





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8 responses to “New Suite Updates

  1. cheril135

    mister panda =D i noticed that wen i llooked at my “allowance” it siad 160 a month i was like *SIGH* but then my friend said hers was still 200???? SIGH!
    i can now officially say i can not afford my dream beach villa!

  2. I dont like the idea of making them walk, when i first joined stardoll i was like ‘where do we walk’ being on binweevils and clubpenguin and panfu.

  3. misseyelashes

    Haha. Nice post. And Mr.Panda

  4. cheril135

    eww panfu it made me pay money for nothing

  5. I love panfu, it has pandas 😀

  6. I love the beach villa!!! I bought it and it’ s amazing! It’s like 3 times the length of a normal room and you can have loads of different features including rain, birds, a boat. . . Loads!! I love it 🙂 so glad I topped up yesterday 🙂 perfect timing.

  7. shannay

    i saw interior spoilers and there is a new panda coming out 🙂

  8. @Shannay

    WHAT?! 0.0 I must see.. Now…

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