Beach Villa

So the highly anticipated Beach Villa has been released today and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The Beach Villa is now available to purchase at the introductory price of 199 Stardollars meaning that in a month or so the price will rise to probably 200-300 Stardollars. Is it worth all that amount? Let us have a look.

The first room is a room inside the Villa with a great view of the beach.

The room itself is very different from anything we’ve really seen before – a room with an outside view (Unless you account the Penthouse Balcony with the view). What is my favourite part of the Beach Villa is the ability to change the room’s tones and colour as well as changing the weather.

I hope Stardoll update this soon as it would be a lot more exciting if we could change the weather a little more rather than just decide whether or not it is sunny or raining. You also have the choice whether or not to include the room – you could just have a long stretch of beach if you wanted. The difference between Marseille and Bermuda is that Bermuda is the stereotypical beach scene where as Marseille has cobbled paths instead of sand. With the houses there is a Black, White and Golden versions which you can choose from.

The second room is outside on the beach with the view of the outside of the Villa. You also have the option of removing the view of the Villa and just having a long stretch of beach.

It would amazing if the waves could move. It’s another thing we’ve never really seen before as usually Suite Decorators create their own houses out of other interior. Again, there’s also the option of changing the settings.

The difference between the Maldives and Zanzibar is that Maldives is a clear bright sky whereas Zanzibar has an almost blood-red sky and it appears to be at the time of sunset. You can choose between the colours of your house, one is White and lot more brighter and one is almost a Silver colour where you can see the light from the spotlights much more clearer. You have the option to add lightning, a rainbow or add animated birds to your Beach Villa – you can add all three if you desired to do so.

One really interesting thing about the Beach Villa is that instead of having two long stretches of beach, you can just make both rooms just a typical long Stardoll room.

I’m sure this is aimed to the big Suite Decorators of Stardoll. It’s too bad that other interiors are not available to place in this rooms as you’re only allowed to colour the walls but that would mean Stardoll would have to go and update all the interior settings – which would be an extremely tedious task.

The size of both rooms is roughly the size of our main room in our Suites, maybe slightly larger.

If you are into the decoration suite side of Stardoll then the Beach Villa is definitely a must-have. If you’re like me and are not too keen on Suite decorating then it isn’t really essential to purchase but keep in mind it is the introductory price and it’ll soon rise. I love the settings but it is a pity that the Golden Sand items are that expensive. I’m not going to start decorating mine as I’m just going to wait a while to save all my stardollars. It’s something we haven’t seen before on Stardoll and I think that’s the big catch to it. Another big pull into buying the Beach Villa is that the Villa items are locked unless you purchase the entire Beach Villa – clever what you did there Stardoll.

I prefer the Beach Villa than to the Penthouse just because you can play around with the settings. I thought with this new update you would be able to play around with the Penthouse but it isn’t so. I’d like to see more updates available in the Beach Villa soon and definitely more affordable beach interior items. It’s highly likely that Stardoll might make more Beach interiors to purchase in the Suiteshop and no doubt they’ll cost at least 50 Stardollars.

Is anybody planning to buy the Beach Villa or do you think it’s pointless?





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17 responses to “Beach Villa

  1. I love the Beach Villa, this is what stardoll really needed to get on top, and by on top I mean, earn moolah 😉
    But who can blame em I think It’s all worth it, I’m a big suite deocrator, so I will definately be purchasing it this week, and wont mind spending time making it perfect 😉

  2. misseyelashes

    Haha. You posted this the moment I bought the beach villa.

  3. How do you get the bremuda option? i only have 2 options do you have to buy it?

  4. Wait nvm i mean how to get the house interior for the first room.

  5. Hey Lelly =) I like your post and your comments about Beach Villa and how you criticize it! I bought it immediately after finishing school exams, I was very happy, because I was waiting the beach villa suite with a lot of impatience! I really love it, and the weather options (ohh yeaahh rain! Yes I like rain, haha) and the other options etc but as you I’d like that they update it and the penthouse too! But atm I’m really satisfied!
    Have a nice day Lel =)

  6. I bought it straight away ^^ im in lovee with it ahah (: xx

  7. Random.

    This is for SS only right? -.-

  8. @Random

    Yes – surprise surprise.

  9. I LOVE it 🙂 This time stardoll, you did good. 😛

  10. selenawavaa

    I bought it : ) I’m just trying to design it, I’m not used to designing huge rooms! But so far i like it : )

  11. Mandy

    I bought the Beach Villa and I love it! I think it is something that is new to Stardoll, but the prices are a little absurd!

  12. Abbie

    i wish it was free!!

  13. Prettymunira11

    I really want to buy looks soo cool! =)

  14. @Prettymunira11

    It’s a little costly, but if you’re into decorating then it’s worth it.

  15. Foxfan

    I wish I could get it but I only get 200 SD a month 😦

  16. Tutu-Barbie (SparklyStar15)

    @Foxfan: I don’t get 200 SD a month, and I’m SS?….. =(

  17. @Foxfan

    If you save up your Starcoins until exchange day (up to 1000) and spending very little – you could essentially save up.

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