The mysterious case of Liu Jo freebies

Thank you to Tinkerbellrox81 and selenawavaa for letting me know in the comment sections while I was offline for a day.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone in the comments notifying me. The items are still available but they are not free.

Click here to receive all the items in your dresser.

Credit to Underneath Stardoll 

A mysterious batch of free items in Starplaza appeared early in the morning just out of the blue.

I “bought” them all.

Now if you look in Starplaza

They just magically evaporated . . gone . . forever. . out into the abyss . . Hah.

The funny thing with free items is that even if you do not entirely like the item itself you still are urged to buy it because it is free. Half of those items I will never wear but I’m constantly on the look out for jewellery, the bracelets and the little corsage are my favourites. The shoes seem a little weak and flimsy due to their thin structure.

It was just another Stardoll glitch and now they have disappeared out of thin air. They were there when I logged in at 6am (GMT) but now at 3pm they have gone. You can’t find them through Starplaza Search and they are not available to sell in Starbazaar.

I suppose Stardoll were meant to release the items but for one country only – considering that the Liu Jo brand is Italian, but they somehow managed to release the items to all and they lost their prices and became 0 Stardollars. Luckily nothing like the Perfect Day chaos occurred.

I’m guessing the clothes will re-appear in which people may have to either use a proxy or they’ll be quite expensive as they are from a real brand.

Did anyone else manage to catch the freebies?



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30 responses to “The mysterious case of Liu Jo freebies

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve gotonly the shoes for free , other things u cans buy now . it’s 10 playand eran money to 10 orsomething SS coints , they are really cool , the necklace and staff , they don’t exsit anymore ,

  2. To2freEkQ

    i’ve got only the shoes freee , they are int shops right now . but not into the new things , they are hidden , but i know how to get them so 😉

    If u want to , so tell meinto account : To2freEkQ

    Bye hunbuns ^^

  3. cheril135

    I got alot of it like 4 or 3 or 5 pairs of everything i agree the shoes dont look AS good but its hard not to wear the clothes they are fantastic!

  4. misseyelashes

    Guess what.

    I got nothing for free.

  5. Renee:)

    I got them ! Atleast thanks to stardoll , I got a bunch of free clothes (;

  6. Guest

    I got it !!
    it was so funnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but now they are selling it!!!
    hhaha that was so exciting!!

  7. Sabrina

    My Exams are next week. D:

    I hate exams, I always stress out about them.

  8. .Anti.Dot.

    Lol. I got them too. Kinda funny actually how stardoll screws up. Managing a website for the what 8th year now? And they still have gliches. Back in 2003-2009 they didn’t do much stupid things like this. Well, at least we got free clothes and they can’t do anything about it :3

    I finished exams yesterday 😛 Now, I am going crazy trying to find a graduation dress. Do you know how hard it is to go around to all the stores and find nothing. At least my mom found a website. I should stop typing now XD

  9. I got them all. If u want u can check out my outfit i just made 🙂

  10. Superstar47834

    I randomly logged on and found 3 whole pages of free items and I was like…JACKPOT!! Today I checked and the items were all very expensive an 2 were even superstar items!! I have always been a nonsuperstar so I was like, DOUBLE JACKPOT!!

  11. Jen

    I got them all… I got tons of extras as well, just in case they would turn out rare! Glad I did!

  12. Charisgirl1618

    I just wanted to let u know that this is a GLITCH! I was searching tops and i found the tops for 39 starcoins! But me and u got them for free!

  13. Missgold-Star0

    Just search BLACK BAG on the search bit of the store on stardoll, it will come up with Lui.Jo bags. If theres anything like (example) a black sparkly top from Lui.Jo just search Black Top, maybe this helps? x

  14. IceyCold123

    I also got them aswell 🙂 It would be a nice thing if you were Non SS and needing some clothes as they weren’t that bad:)

  15. farzz

    The clothes are back ! most of them are superstar but i got an amazing jumpsuit for 49 coins xx

  16. @Renee:)

    I know right :L Such a big change. It happens so often, I wonder if they do this on purpose . .

  17. Popstarrbaby

    Aww that sux too bad my computer has gotten a virus bad day for my computer to hav gotten one fudge :/

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  20. Darn! The one night I don’t log onto Stardoll and they are offering free clothes. Just my luck -.-

  21. Ericka

    Not dissappeared at all…and still free I hope…not as the Perfect Day thing:
    Searching for brown sandals and it appeared.. (:

  22. Morgan

    yeahh…I got nothing. lol.. I always seem to miss the freebies! :/

  23. MARY

    Eh, I didn’t get it :\
    I purchased the jumpsuit for 49 Starcoins!

  24. They are still in the shop under search and for extremely low prices like an ok-ish top for only 39starcoins.

  25. Starshagirl

    Thanks. That cleared up a lot. I wondered where my friend got hers from

    I Would die Right Now, I DIDN’T GET TO CATCH THE FREEBIES D:
    But the..Shoes GAH I Have that kind of Shoes
    My Sister was More furious she was Saying random things like “ITS LIKE I GOT MY FOOT STUCK ON A HORSE” wtf? ROFL ;P

  27. you are a liar….i got NOTHING. :(((

  28. misseyelashes


    That was ages ago. Its not for free anymore.

  29. misseyelashes

    Its not for free anymore.

  30. @Anonymous

    Can you read?
    Oh yes I totally made this up and so did the entire Stardoll blogging community =.= Goodness sake.