New Stardoll Store: Riviera

I can safely say that Stardoll have learnt their lesson after the horrifying Splash store last year. It was over-priced and the swimsuits weren’t even that great. Now this is store is worth something.

There are items available to Non-Superstars but the majority are only for Superstars only, still unhappy about that but it’s a massive improvement from last year. I think a one-piece suit from Splash cost around 20 Stardollars at one point and now at the Riviera store you can buy one for 7 Stardollars.

My favourites are the accessories, you can buy a pair of earrings for only 29 Starcoins – bargain! I think this is Stardoll’s best store out yet, even though there is a Bamboo clutch (Virtual Pandas will be weeping).

The most expensive item is a 16 Stardollar dress and the cheapest item is 29 Starcoins (Worth approximately 3 Stardollars) – now that is something I haven’t said in a long time.

I absolutely detested the Splash store and was against all swimsuits on Stardoll but this store has really changed my mind. It may take a few days to save up your Starcoins – but it would take longer if we had the old system back.



Found some example of Splash items for those who have no clue on what I am on about. The obscene Sale prices (not the actual prices they were previously sold for).

Sale price. I regret even buying those items – never worn them.



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7 responses to “New Stardoll Store: Riviera

  1. how do you get the sunglasses and ear rings on?

  2. On your doll in Starplaza? I don’t think you can unless you buy them since the little Check-out things appear.

  3. oh, no, after I bought them, I couldn’t find them in my suite or in my beauty parlour. I’m asking how do you put them on your dollie.

  4. They’ll be in your Suite in an ordinary Starplaza bag. It might take some time to find them because they’re so small – they won’t appear in your Beauty Parlor.

  5. Sara

    Doesn’t compare to Splash, which was a waste of money from the beginning. It’s actually better, and best of all good graphics and decent prices.

  6. Ericka

    I like that Stardoll is giving non-Superstars more items to choose. When I read the panda sentence, I thought about what I saw today… I thought you would like it:

  7. 50pixie05

    Actually the store is called pivera it is very confusing at first I thought is was rivera too before I saw the new contest

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