New PPQ Collection released

This isn’t my favourite collection of PPQ so far, probably my least. The dresses are a little unflattering although it does depend on how you wear/accessorise them. I’m not too keen on neon and flamboyant colours so the Saffron Pleated Trousers are a big no-no for me.

The ruffle dress and bustier shapes really remind me of coral (not the colour). I find the cuffs a little peculiar but they are relatively cheap, considering all the remaining item prices.

Even though I may not be the type of person who personally favours bold patterns and colours – I do actually like the Mumbai Dress and Cropped Top. I also quite like the look of the High Waisted Black Skirt but it does look very familiar to the last collection’s Velvet Skirt – except it looks slightly more textured.

The most expensive item is the Raspberry Belted 70’s Dress at 36 Stardollars and the cheapest items are the Black and Saffron Metal Cuffs at 10 Stardollars. Surprise surprise – only for Superstars.

After the Royalty sale I thought the Invisible Store and the  Gold/Black themed floors would disappear but they’re still here . .

I know lots of people have declared their love for these two new floors but personally it isn’t to my taste.




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